Ray McAnally's Size Matters
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Ray McAnally's Size Matters

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Ray McAnally's Size Matters

Size Matters is a very unique and personal one-man show that audiences find hilarious and deeply moving. Tackling topics like bullying and body issues, Size Matters connects with audiences through a refreshing mix of comedy and honesty that we don't usually hear from men.

When the show begins, our resident big guy, Ray, is on a self-imposed crash diet just two months before his wedding. While his fiancée, Whitney, loves him regardless, Ray is constantly reminded of his continued girth by his career in comedy. Thinking he has all the answers to a skinnier happiness, Ray is blindsided by a five-day visit from his biggest fan... his overweight ten-year-old nephew, Morgan.

As uncle and nephew bond over bellies and bullies, Ray realizes he needs to really look at himself in order to answer Morgan's most important questions. Through comedy and honesty, Ray explores his life to not only find answers for Morgan, but for us as well.

The show hits home for anyone who's struggled with confidence. It's a date night that brings you closer. Watch and find out for yourself, "Does size matter?"

"In the future - when McAnally is the next John Goodman or Kevin James (and he certainly has that potential) I look forward to catching the show again as the highlight of what will certainly be a career of considerable size. And in show business, size matters." - Michael T. Mooney, Broadwayworld.com

"This is Raymond McAnally's unique story, but it's also a show about me. And you, if you've ever struggled with your appearance."
- Kirk Shepard, Theatre Critic

"This is no woe-is-me exercise in public psychotherapy... Self-effacing and witty, you can't help but feel a level sincerity that gives the show enormous impact."
- David Lyman, The Cincinnati Enquirer

"McAnally's talent for weaving an engrossing tale is impressive. Empathy, affection, and inspiration all kinda dancing around together. It's pretty dang great."
- Clay Griffith, iSpyCincy.com

Raymond McAnally

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