We Love Paleo

We Love Paleo

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We Love Paleo

Doctors, nutritionists, authors and entrepreneurs from 4 countries share why they choose to go against conventional health wisdom to promote Paleo. The film also reflects on how they were profoundly transformed by the lifestyle beforehand.

"The film strips back the hype and focuses on real-life stories of people who follow this way of eating."
-James Colquhoun, Filmmaker of Food Matters & Hungry for Change

"Beautiful cinematography and most of all captivating and well-structured film. A must see for anyone in the health & nutrition industry and for all those seeking a sustainable new way of life.''
-Vanessa Lemaire, Director/Producer of An Acquired Taste

"It is not only great filmmaking - but the content also made me rethink my eating."
-Jason Brubaker, Film Producer, Los Angeles

"Really well done! I can see this film making waves and changing a lot of lives..."
-Kimberly Dilts, Producer, Angel's Perch

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