We Love Paleo

We Love Paleo

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We Love Paleo

Doctors, nutritionists, authors and entrepreneurs from 4 countries share why they choose to go against conventional health wisdom to promote Paleo. The film also reflects on how they were profoundly transformed by the lifestyle beforehand.

DVD format: NTSC (will play in 95% in DVD players)
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"The film strips back the hype and focuses on real-life stories of people who follow this way of eating."
-James Colquhoun, Filmmaker of Food Matters & Hungry for Change

"Beautiful cinematography and most of all captivating and well-structured film. A must see for anyone in the health & nutrition industry and for all those seeking a sustainable new way of life.''
-Vanessa Lemaire, Director/Producer of An Acquired Taste

"It is not only great filmmaking - but the content also made me rethink my eating."
-Jason Brubaker, Film Producer, Los Angeles

"Really well done! I can see this film making waves and changing a lot of lives..."
-Kimberly Dilts, Producer, Angel's Perch

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