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Nothin' but Music

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Nothin' but Music

They risk, they endure, they achieve their dreams on the varied roads to a life of Nothin' but Music. This film shows the creativity and perseverance it takes to have a life long, full time career doing nothing but music - no day job to fall back on. We follow musicians Benny 'Jet' Speer from Benny and the Jets Band, a 'working class' musician at it for 40 years, and blues guitarist Howard Glazer. As well, we will gain insights from Question Mark of ? and the Mysterians, flutist Alexander Zonjic , singer Eliza Neals and many others. Nothin' but Music shows the diverse roads taken to have a lifelong career as a musician.

JOHN WRIGHT, Musician, Engineer, Producer - The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra-"A fascinating look at the realities of the day to day life of working
musicians....the stories are universal. It is a thorough insight into both the performers and the
folks that surround them."
MARK NARDONE, Senior Editor - Music Connection Magazine-" 'Nothin' but Music' gets to the heart of pure musical passion, a state of
being that has nothing to do with fame and fortune and everything to do with heart and soul
and uncommon perseverance."

Benny Speer, Howard Glazer, Alexander Zonjic, Nate Jones, Eliza Neals, Question Mark, Robert Lee Balderrama, Jessica Hernandez

Spotlight Documentary Film Awards - Silver Award Winner 2017

Film Festivals:
North by Midwest Nicro-Budget Film Festival March 2017, Spotlight Documentary Film Awards - Silver Award Winner 2017, Miami Independent Film Festival January 2017, Guerilla MovieMaking Awards December 2016

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