Rolling Along: An Inline Movement

Rolling Along: An Inline Movement

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Rolling Along: An Inline Movement

Rolling Along: An Inline Movement

In the 1990's alternative sports proliferated. One sport that captured the vibe of this era was Aggressive Inline. Considered by many analysts to be a billion dollar industry it all but vanished at the end of the decade. Rolling Along: An Inline Movement is the story of this sport from its birth to its rapid accent, crash and current underground status.

Featuring legends of the sports past and present who represent the true blading spirit;

Chris Edwards, the
godfather of the sport, Chris was the early face of the sport and through his high- flying style and warm
personality helped put blading on the map in the 90's.

Tom Hyser one of the original Atlanta Crew, helped establish K2 on the aggressive scene, now the Product and Marketing Director for Rollerblade(r) Tom is doing everything in his power to show the best blading has to offer .

Mike Opalek, the main skater in the
legendary skate video Hoax 2, a member of the Senate brand crew, he was also the first pro to have a pro named wheel.

Franky Morales, the World Champion (he won the last LG world
Championship), Franky blazed onto the scene and shattered the mold of what people thought a rollerblader looked like, he is simply a legend, one who's boundary pushing style still makes ripples today.

Jon Julio, the soul of the street. Jon is a street skater first and foremost, through his esteemed career he was able to branch off and start his own skate company Valo which is known to make some of the most stylish Well-made skates today.

Coco Sanchez, continues the tradition passed on by passed female skates and takes it to a new level, her smooth flowing runs are evident that the future of the sport is bright and
definitely makes the case that the girls are now ready to run with and overtake the boys.

Brian 'BFree' Freeman, artist, skater, promoter, unique, I could go on. BFree is a man on a mission not only does he bring a great positive vibe to blading he does so in everything he touches, remember the name because he is one for the ages.

Rolling Along: An Inline Movement, represents the blader DIY mentality. Bladers today don't wait around for the mainstream to swing back, they are out there doing all they can for the sport this is my contribution to that culture which embodies self-reliance and love for the sport. I challenge you not to feel like skating once you have finished watching.

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