Flexible Steel Fundamentals
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Flexible Steel Fundamentals

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Learn all about Flexible Steel

Flexible Steel Fundamentals

Jon Engum and his international team of flexibility experts will give you in-depth professional instruction on the most important Flexible Steel movements designed to release the " parking brakes" from your body and breathe new life and mobility into your training with 4 easy-to-follow programs.

Jon will lead you through the "Standing Series" which will help prepare you for whatever the day throws at you.

Learn how to release yourself from your deskbound posture with the "Escape Program".

Short on time and need maximum results in a hurry? The "Flexible Steel Program Minimum" is for you.

Discover the keys to unlock you body with the "Counter-Stretches" program.

Several insider tips and details are revealed that will allow you to break through your current level of flexibility and mobility. Imagine the joy of owning fluid movement, flexibility and strength. Get your copy today and enjoy the results.

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