Billy Topit Master Magician

Billy Topit Master Magician

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Billy Topit Master Magician

A Las Vegas magician who performs at children's birthday parties convinces the woman of his dreams to be his assistant, while the local Mob guys try to make him disappear permanently!

BILLY TOPIT MASTER MAGICIAN is excellent at performing magic, he is just not very successful. His life gets complicated when some greasy mob guys comes after him looking for money. Billy uses his magic skills to avoid confrontation as long as he can, because he wants to concentrate on his magic career and his new girlfriend.

Things get wildly out of control and BILLY TOPIT MASTER MAGICIAN has to call on his best friends for help. The Magician, the Ventriloquist, the Jugglers, and the Mime will have to stage a rescue! These guys are not the A-Team, not even the B-Team, but they're all Billy's got.

"A fun, magic filled romp sure to delight young and old alike!"
The Culture Buzz

Delightful popcorn cinematic adventure
A film review by The Culture Buzz

"Billy Topit, Master Magician" made its film festival debut at the 2016 Wild Rose Independent Film Festival in the Heartland - Des Moines, Iowa - to enthusiastic audiences. Judging from the audience's reactions, "Billy Topit" fits an often-overlooked cinema niche by bringing a family-friendly, simple, storyline to life.

"Billy Topit, Master Magician" should have a receptive audience waiting its release, as the movie is designed to engage and entertain on a basic human level. No over-the-top special effects (Burton demanded that all of the illusions used in the film are real), no computer generated post-production trickery. Just a proven artist, one of the century's most successful magicians, spinning into a new creative journey. This dream had been persistently tugging in Burton's mind for years, and it has finally manifested in a fun, magic filled romp sure to delight young and old alike.

Lance Burton, Criss Angel, Louie Anderson

Best Family Film award at The Wild Rose Independent Film Festival.

Film Festivals:
Closing night film at The Wild Rose Independent Film Festival in Des Moines, Iowa 2016

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