OM SOUND - Sacred Sounds Vol.1
Produced by Suzanne Doucet
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OM SOUND - Sacred Sounds Vol.1

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OM SOUND - Sacred Sounds Vol.1

Artist/Band: Suzanne Doucet

Harmonic Healing Music for Reiki and Yoga and deep meditation and relaxation. The OM represents the center sound of the Universe. This ultra sublime version was composed and channeled originally for a TANTRA VIDEO. The OM Sound is One continuous piece of subtle ambient music. The sound is transformational and overtone rich designed after the principles of Pythagorean Harmonics.

The Sacred Sounds series consists of recordings of subtle ambient musical sounds, which release encoded metaphysical information, while being played. THE OM SOUND consists of one continuous track of 59 minutes. Ideal for meditation, massage, healing (especially for REIKI) and sleep therapy, THE OM SOUND has been used by many teachers, masters and healers to harmonize body, mind and spirit. The creation of THE OM SOUND is based on secret knowledge, that has not been available to mankind for thousands of years. But the Keepers of Sound from many cultures have kept this knowledge and information - which is encoded in the Sacred Sound series - alive over the centuries. Oral and written information, intuition and channeling, scientific studies, artistic and visionary talent has been used to create a series of recordings that facilitate the experience of the ancient wisdom of sound.

"The OM Sound by Suzanne Doucet is ambient music taken to such an extreme that it's almost mind blowing. I think it's a superb classic. Music that is constant, always the same, yet always changing. It may be too constant to call this "wallpaper music", but it is extremely holographic, in that you can start the CD at any point and it's all the same, yet always changing. One low base synth organ like chord held constant throughout the piece, with small variations in the background barely perceptible, almost subconscious. My non 'New Age Music' friends just stare at me blank and say "I could have done that with one finger!". It's the small variations in the background that hold it together. This is music that's always changing yet always the same. An interesting paradox that Suzanne Doucet has superbly mastered. If you just glance at it it's just a base chord, but if you listen closely, there's always things happening, so it never gets stale. Hypnotic music to meditate by. (Very hypnotic)"
David Delay, New Age Lists, Santa Barbara USA

Suzanne Doucet is an Award winning composer and producer from Germany

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