Produced by Suzanne Doucet
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Artist/Band: Suzanne Doucet, Tajalli

Shamanic Drumming and Ambient Space Music
Gentle drumming and space music for massage, healing, meditation and pure bliss. Evocative compositions and performance by award winning German composer and keyboardist Suzanne Doucet with legendary percussionist Tajalli (originally from from the Phillipines.) Tajalli, a well known musician living and performing in the Bay Area, California, was an initiate of the Sound Current, an enlightened being to many that knew him, a friend, a brother and a spiritual teacher. He was loving and giving himself to others in every moment. Suzanne Doucet and Tajalli have been working musically together and shared their spiritual insights for over 20 years. Tajalli passed away in April 2004. This album took 2 years to complete and is now being released to honor Tajalli's legacy. Also featured on TANTRA ZONE are Paradiso (Didjeridoo) and Chuck Plaisance (3-D recording) on "Cry of the Earth."

Editorial Review:
The Shaman and the Tantrica meeting in the realm of limitless, infinite harmony. A timeless collaboration of the deepest love. --Martin Weber-Caspers, Radio Lelystad, Netherlands

*****Excellent album !
Reviewer:E. Turturici "Paradiso" (San Jose, CA) -
This is such a great album! Excellent album to meditate and massage with. I use it all the time on my clients. When I play this album to my clients I don't have to work as hard. Both Tajalli and Suzanne Doucet are initiates of the Sound Current. With Tajalli's Shamanic drumming and Suzanne's magical fingers on the keyboards brings the Sound Current to you. I had the privilege to play music with them and by playing live with them has transform my music.

*****A fitting piece in the puzzle of Taj's Life.
Reviewer: Gary Miraz
Tajalli and Doucet's "Tantra Zone" is a fitting piece in the puzzle of Taj's Life. I believe "Billy" as we called him is smiling as usual on this work. If he ever frowned it would never last too long. It would eventually blossom into a beautiful symbol of human emotion. This is a great album to meditate to or just chill out. It is filled with happiness and pondering thoughts that evoke a study into the deep self-truth we all have. Suzanne's keyboard playing and arrangements out of her beloved Kurzweils give and do not take anything away from the mix. She is truly a master in minimalism. I have had such an honor to play and learn with these two artists as well as be part of their lives. "Billy" is away from this dimension but he is still here in our hearts, thoughts and music.

Suzanne Doucet is an award winning composer and producer from Germany

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