REFLECTING LIGHT - Music for Channeling
Produced by Suzanne Doucet
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REFLECTING LIGHT - Music for Channeling

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REFLECTING LIGHT - Music for Channeling

Artist/Band: Suzanne Doucet

2 long hypnotic tracks of trance inducing and therapeutic instrumental music with a Grand Piano lead played over electronic layers and slow pulsating rhythms. Reissue of the 1984 released album "Reflecting Light vol.II" (audio cassette) on Isis Music International and as a CD in 1987 on Beyond. The music is designed for channeling and contact with the Afterlife and the Beyond. Suzanne composed the two long pieces "Forever..." and "...and Here" inspired by the book "The Blue Island". "Forever..." was featured on Shirley Maclaines "INNER WORKOUT" Video, DVD and audio cassette program and also on the award winning visual music video "Starflight" the album Reflecting Light represents one of the New Age Classics of the '80s. It was selected as one of the top 25 albums of the year by Pulse Magazine's (Tower records) legendary reviewer Lee Underwood.

Suzanne Doucet

Suzanne's 30 years in the world of New Age music have provided her with incomparable knowledge, experience and contacts. Beyond being co-founder and CEO of Only New Age Music, Inc., and, Suzanne is an international recording and performing artist whose background encompasses being a prime time TV "Pop Show" hostess (guests included the BeeGees, Grateful Dead, Keith Emerson, Donovan), a songwriter & composer, script writer, sound designer, producer, A&R record label executive, music publisher, label owner & manager, marketing consultant, and retailer. Together with her husband James Bell, Suzanne owned and operated the world-famous specialized audio gallery "Only New Age Music" in Los Angeles for 5 years.

She owns and operates now - the #1 online source for new age music and represents digital rights (streaming, downloads and webcasting) to major internet players as well as the portal site Her latest recording credits include "Resonance" with Gary Miraz as well as the audio series "Sounds of Nature" and "Tranquility" combining the state-of-the-art binaural recordings of Chuck Plaisance with her music. Seven of their titles made it into the top ten environmental charts at, including being #1 and #2 for over two years.

Suzanne Doucet is an award winning composer and producer from Germany

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