TRANSFORMATION - A Journey to Glastonbury
Produced by Suzanne Doucet
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TRANSFORMATION - A Journey to Glastonbury

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TRANSFORMATION - A Journey to Glastonbury

Artist/Band: Suzanne Doucet, Christian Buehner

A new age classic from the '80s. A blend of acoustic and electronic instruments performed by pioneers of the genre. Melodic, ambient and avant garde music. Very unique, representative of the European style.

Suzanne Doucet and Christian Buehner worked together on many album productions. They also wrote songs together and did the music for 2 guided Meditation albums by Thorwald Dethlefsen. TRANSFORMATION was their first instrumental album release after Suzanne came back from a visit to FINDHORN (Scotland) and GLASTONBURY (South England).

Suzanne Doucet

In the New Age Music Guide by P.J.Birosik,published by MacMillan it says: "...explorers, who helped lay the groundwork for what we now term New Age Music include Kitaro, Andreas Vollenweider, Vangelis, C.H.Deuter, Klaus Schulze, Paul Horn, Suzanne Doucet, Brian Eno and Paul Winter."

Suzanne's 30 years in the world of New Age music have provided her with incomparable knowledge, experience and contacts. Beyond being co-founder and president of Only New Age Music, Inc., and, Suzanne is an international recording and performing artist whose background encompasses being a prime time TV "Pop Show" hostess (guests included the BeeGees, Grateful Dead, Keith Emerson, Donovan), a songwriter & composer, script writer, sound designer, producer, A&R record label executive, music publisher, label owner & manager, marketing consultant, and retailer. Together with her husband James Bell, Suzanne owned and operated the world-famous specialized audio gallery "Only New Age Music" on Melrose in Hollywood, California.

She owns and operates now - the #1 online source for new age music as well as the portal site together with Beth Lerch (The B Company). Her latest recording credits include "Resonance" with Gary Miraz as well as the audio series "Sounds of Nature" and "Tranquility" combining the state-of-the-art binaural recordings of Chuck Plaisance with her music. Seven of their titles made it into the top ten environmental charts at, including being #1 and #2 for over two years. Shirley Maclaine used Suzanne's music track "Forever..." from the "Reflecting Light"album,(also available on on her best-selling video and audiocassette titled "Inner Workout" and "Going Within". Suzanne also produced and directed the award winning video "Starflight" together with well known video and documentary producer Chris Toussaint. Her latest releases include "Tantra Zone" with legendary percussionist Tajalli.

Christian Buehner:

Born on the 1st of February, 1959, in Munich, Germany, Christian started to write music for television at the age of 14. He was also working as an sound engineer early on. At age 17 he was signed to a record label and debuted with the German version of the Bee Gees song "Saturday Night Fever." After a successful start as a pop singer Christian built his first recording studio.

In 1981 he recorded "Transformation", a new-age instrumental album, together with Suzanne Doucet. They also recorded "Transmission"and took both to the USA. Since then, Christian has released many albums for healing and meditation.

But he has also been composing and post-producing music and sounds for hundreds of children's shows on German public TV as well as soundtracks for documentaries and movies and videos in the new age and pop field.

With her collaborator (Buehner) of over ten years, they have produced some extraordinary new age music. --Jack Clarke, Connecting Link

Motivated by a purity of heart, this music expresses the essence of the New Age Movement. --Frank Cody, Creator of the Wave Radio Format

I think your label represents the finest in this genre of music --Ben Kettlewell, WOMR-FM

***** A New Age Classic from the '80s, December 21, 2006
Reviewer: MusicBaby (USA)
This album was previously only released on cassette and out of print for many years. It was Suzanne Doucet's and Christian Buehner's first new age instrumental album which they recorded in 1982 in Munich/Germany. Suzanne had started her own record label and Christian and Suzanne came to the USA in 1983 with their first cassettes "Transformation" and "Transmission". Both albums were amongst the critically acclaimed great New Age Classics of the early '80s. Suzanne and Christian recorded acoustic sounds such as Waterdrops and vocals before there was sampling or midi using sophisticated sound manipulation devices and mulitrack recording tricks. The only electronic instruments used were the Jupiter 8 (before midi) and the Roland 909 drum machine. Suzanne and Christian also used Nature Sounds, guitars, percussion and a grand piano. The beginning track "Attunement" was recorded and edited in a studio session while the musicians tuned their instruments. A very unique album by two pioneers of the genre. A must have for every New Age Collection!

Suzanne Doucet is an award winning composer and producer from Germany

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