Produced by Suzanne Doucet
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Artist/Band: Suzanne Doucet

Musically "SHASTA - Sacred Mountain" captures the energy of this mysterious mountain in Northern California. It represents a sacred journey through different stages of the mountain's consciousness. Suzanne experienced that a ninety degree shift within is necessary to enter the mountain. Suzanne Doucet's music prepares one for a visit, whether it is just to experience the special energy of this mountain or for a deeper purpose, SHASTA - SACRED MOUNTAIN covers all levels of the experience. "SHASTA - Sacred Mountain" is the first volume of a trilogy. The second volume will be dedicated to ARUNACHALA in India and the third volume will be dedicated to KAILASH in Tibet. According to Suzanne these three mountains are connected from within. All three are aspects of Shiva.

Suzanne Doucet, well known award winning composer and recording artist from Europe has released many albums first as a singer and then as an instrumentalist. She collaborated with artists such as RAY, Christian Buehner, Gary Miraz, Chuck Plaisance, Paradiso and Tajalli. She is also an actress, graphic artist, producer, director and painter as well as a writer, consultant and world traveller. Suzanne has released 33 singles and 21 albums plus 53 CDs of the Sounds of Nature and Tranquility series. Her music has been released all over the world including the USA, South America, Korea, India, Malaysia, Japan, Europe.

Suzanne Doucet is an award winning composer and producer from Germany

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