Produced by Suzanne Doucet, Chuck Plaisance, Only New Age Music Inc
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Artist/Band: Paradiso

A Solo Didjeridoo Healing Session
"Healing Vibes" was recorded in 3-D, to capture a live healing session with Paradiso, playing different didjeridoos each tuned to a frequency of the seven Chakras. Chuck Plaisance's recording system is designed to simulate human hearing, using a binaural head microphone to capture the depth, height, width, as well as directional movement. Therefor no special equipment is needed to get 3D sound from traditional stereo speakers. With speakers or headphones the experience is amazing. Close your eyes and feel Paradiso's healing vibes all around you.

*****I have never heard anything like it
Reviewer: J. Wawersick, Wellness Music
Amazing! I have never heard anything like it.It feels like the didjeridoo is playing up and down your spine...

*****An Amazing Experience.
Reviewer: Martin Weber, Radio Lelystad
An Amazing Experience. It feels like the didjeridoo sound massages your entire being. It is very powerful!

*****This Solo Didjeridoo Healing session is highly recommended
Reviewer: Natascha Larsen
This Album is one of the most unique CDs I have heard so far. Very hypnotic! A live healing session. When you close your eyes you can feel the sound playing your body. Paradiso virtually plays up and down your spine, around your head and into your arms and chest. When I listen to healing vibes, I go into a trance like state and when the CD is finished I feel refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated! I would recommend this CD to anyone - especially if one needs healing energy, this is one of the most effective sound healing tools to use.

Suzanne Doucet is an award winning composer and producer from Germany

Title #1700588
Format: CD-R