Best of Nalts: Volume 1

Best of Nalts: Volume 1

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Best of Nalts: Volume 1

Kevin Nalts from YouTube presents a collection of some of his best (least unfunny) comedy shorts. Experience the prank, sketch and kid videos in full screen instead of a tiny compressed window with ads -- many clips are high definition. Nalts videos are way more fun when you're laying on your couch instead of hunched over your computer!

Farting in Public
Airport Crawling
Computer Falls
Cash to Buzz
Drunk Interviews
America's Bloopers
Fast Food Outsourcing
Candy Swiper
Google Head
Google Earth
GPS with PMS

But wait (he says in Charles Trippy voice). There's more.
Mall Pranks
Killer Weed
Gum Tree
Coffee Baby
Banana Man
Garage Sale
Kids Steal Van
Lay Me Off
Mad Turkey
Viral Video Genius
Chicken Prank
Stupid Computer
HappySlip's Pad

Televised Broadcasts:
Includes comedy shorts featured on YouTube and seen on CNN, ABC, BBC, Fox and CBS News.

"I have a new babysitter, and its name is 'Best of Nalts: Volume 1.' My kids watch these clips over and over, and that gives me time to be the woman I deserve to be." --Lemonette (ghost written by Nalts).

"I enjoyed Nalts' videos in tiny compressed screens, but this best-of DVD transported me to a visceral world of entertainment like I've never experienced." --Spencer (under duress).

"If you like Nalts videos online, you'll love them in high resolution on a television. But if you don't like Nalts' videos, better formatting probably won't change your opinion." --WifeofNalts (reluctantly)

"If you're not watching me, you may want to watch Nalts." --Zipster08

Kevin Nalts, Spencer, WifeofNalts, Katie, Patrick, Charlie, Grant

Crackberry won a viral video award from The Webbys. Does that count?

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