Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing (2 Disc Set)

Basketball On A Triangle:  A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing   (2 Disc Set)

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Basketball On A Triangle: A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing (2 Disc Set)

"Basketball On A Triangle" is an in-depth, 4-hour DVD (2 discs) instructional workshop for coaches and players. Also in paperback book (title ID #3338953) with discounts for buying both through Create Space.

There's never been film like this, covering every individual fundamental of the game for beginners through experienced coaches and players. You'll find something for every level of experience.

"Basketball On A Triangle" is comprehensive teaching, in the most extreme detail, of every aspect of coaching or playing the individual game of basketball.

Who Can Benefit From These DVDs?

* Players who want to take their game to a
higher level and improve position specific skills.

* Parents who want to help their child learn the
basics correctly and gain a better understanding
of the game.

* Coaches who want to know how to effectively teach
fundamentals and want to know what to do, how to do it,and when to do it.

The material in these instructional DVDs is presented through a combination of studio lecture, detailed graphics and hours of actual film coverage. Using aerial and floor cameras, Coach Ronn is shown teaching players while demonstrating teaching techniques during an actual 3-day coaches workshop.


Disc 1

Chapter 1.
Explaining The Game/Team Interplay (For the "newbie" coach, parent, player to understand how everything works.)

Chapter 2.
Balance and Control (Without balance and control, the rest of the individual game will be chaotic. I emphasize balance and control every day in everything we do.)

Chapter 3.
Passing (Turnovers often come from a poorly thrown or poorly timed pass. Teaching-coaches will spend the necessary time to teach and drill good passing.)

Chapter 4.
Dribbling (Teaching how to dribble correctly and then how to channel the right amount of tactical dribbling into the flow of the offense.)

Chapter 5.
Shooting (In order to become accomplished at any level of scoring, a player needs a consistently effective shooting technique.)

Chapter 6.
Rebounding/Tipping (Rebounding is about learning to finesse into the best position, using proper boxing-out techniques.)

Chapter 7.
Moving Without The Ball-"Homework" (Teaching players without the ball how to move with a purpose in order to get the ball, to help a teammate get open, or to help the dribbler get free from his/her defender.)

Chapter 8.
Individual Moves With The Ball (Now we have the ball, what do we do?)

Disc 2

Chapter 9.
Individual Defense (Defense gets the ball! We spend half the game trying to stop the other team and get the ball. How to teach it. How to drill it. How to perfect it.)

Chapter 10.
Position Specific Skills (Success is in the details! Paying attention to the finer points of good fundamental execution and building the offensive and defensive skills needed in each position.)

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Basketball On A Triangle:  A Higher Level of Coaching and Playing   (2 Disc Set)
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