Battle for Monte Cassino

Battle for Monte Cassino

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Battle for Monte Cassino

Artist/Band: John A.Walker

The music is from a true story about a man who was born at the outbreak of the First World War, and who served in Italy during the Second World War. The story kicks off at the beginning of the First World War. George lives a wonderful life in the country next to a small farm, Meikle Dripps, in Scotland. Like all young men he rejoices when the jazz age comes about, and at this point he starts work in a newspaper office in town.

Unfortunately in 1936 he falls ill and is paid off. Thankfully he recovers and just before the outbreak of the Second World War he gets a job in an industrial factory on the south side of Glasgow. This however keeps him back from going to war and doing his bit: for the factory starts to make components for aircraft. There was never a conflict with his Christian belief; he felt that the country had to fight for freedom. George like everyone else in the village is astounded when the Deputy Fuhrer, Rudolf Hess, crashes his plane just up the road from them. In 1943 George is finally released from the factory, and he joins the Scots Guards. He along with many others in 1944 is posted overseas.

He fights in Italy: Monte Cassino, Agenta Gap, the Apennine mountains. After the war is over he guards the woman who shot the brigadier at Pola, Maria Pasquinelli. Then just before he is demobbed he has the great honour of serving as the senior sergeant on the Royal Guard at Windsor Castle. This is a true story drawn from diaries, and from the man himself: Sergeant

Saturday 15 April 1944: There are no latrine facilities. We use tins, etc. Most embarrassing and repulsive, the place stinks. Sergeant ad I go down to GHQ. All day and all night we have to guard against snipers and fixed line Spandaus. Not allowed out during the day.

Sunday 16 April 1944: Cassino town is in ruins, every house is flat. The officer tells us that he expects Jerry to attack. We get ready, no attack comes. We breathe normal again.

Thursday, 21 April 1944: We go back to C.H.Q. It is a relief to get away even if it is only 80 yards back . Forward platoon attacked by Jerry at 8 am. Guardsman Miller is killed, 5 other casualties.

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