Dead Hunt

Dead Hunt

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Dead Hunt

Ten movie reviewers are invited to a party by the host of a website devoted to horror films. The party is in full swing when the power - and the lights - abruptly go out. A mysterious, black-hooded figure has cut the main wiring.

The party's over.

After the host goes to check the circuit breakers, the guests are shocked when they find one of their fellow reviewers dispatched in a grisly fashion. Panic sets in after another reviewer is found killed in a bizarre manner. Cryptic notes left with the bodies hold the only clue to the reason for the psychopath's rampage.

The terrified group try to evacuate the building, only to find that they can't - all the doors have been electrified. Realizing they are trapped in a dark, foreboding warehouse with a madman, the survivors look for another way out. Their search leads them to the creepy older section of the building, where danger and death lurk in every shadow.

Can they find another way out? Can they hide from the demented killer? Or are they all destined to become targets of the DEAD HUNT?

This two-disc special edition DVD set contains the movie, a "Behind the Scenes" featurette, Deleted scenes and two alternate endings, Bloopers, a stills gallery, and the audio commentary with co-directors Joe Ripple and Don Dohler. Sadly, this was Don Dohler's last film, as he passed away from lung and brain cancer in December, 2006.

DJ Benz, a reviewer for writes -

"...a fun ride and one I genuinely enjoyed. I have no hesitation in recommending Dead Hunt."

From Horror Author J.L. Comeau, as posted on -

"DEAD HUNT is the great Don Dohler's last film, and it is a perfect coda to his stellar career in filmatic horror mayhem! Humor and mystery make this gruesome slasher movie great fun to watch as a group of horror conventioneers navigate their way through a dark warehouse trying to evade a blade-wielding slasher who truly enjoys the wetwork. Inventive murder scenarios keep coming at the viewer, who will most likely be watching through their fingers as the body count escalates. Great cast, including co-director Joe Ripple as a harried husband and real-life scream queen, Leanna Chamish, doing her sexy thang as a fictional scream queen named Raven. If you are a TimeWarp fan or simply a horror afficianado, you will love DEAD HUNT!"

This film Premiered to a standing-room only crowd during Horrorfind Weekend, 2006.


Dennis Hill, Sara Cole, John Patrick Barry, Colleen Taylor, Ann Marie Barbour, Justin Timpane, Leanna Chamish

Film Festivals:
Screened at Horrorfind Weekend Convention, Baltimore, 2006.

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