Tape Her Up!

Tape Her Up!

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Tape Her Up!

Ten Lovely Women find themselves in super sticky situations involving being taped up!

Redheaded Jasmine, Lovely Latina Elizabeth, and best friends Fayth and Page all find themselves struggling in sticky grey duct tape.

Chloe Payne gets a real bondage workout with some brown tape while cute blonde Marissa is wrapped up colorfully with three different types of tape!

Exotic Azizah is taped topless in her blue jeans and gagged with a 3 inch strip of medical tape.

Crystal Frost's purple tape bondage matches her purple dress.

Fiery Asian Tracey Ann is plenty ticked off at being taped up in her swimsuit

And finally, buxom Taylor struggles through two separate bondages--in red tape in her bra and panties and taped to a chair with her ample breasts exposed!

If you're a lover of duct tape bondage, this is the DVD for you!

Title #244248
Format: DVD-R