Robin Hood, Esq.

Robin Hood, Esq.

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Robin Hood, Esq.

The Theatre of the Relatively Talentless (T.O.R.T.) presents the Sixth Annual Law School Musical, Robin Hood, Esq.

Written, directed, produced, choreographed, liaisoned, and performed entirely by students of the University of Minnesota Law School, Robin Hood, Esq. ran before two packed performances at the historic Pantages Theatre during the spring of 2008.

Borrowing from the classic tale, Robin Hood, Esq. is the comical tale of Robin Hood's attempt to free the Mondale Hall from the evil clutches of Dean John, Sherri F. Nottingham, and their nefarious cronies.

Each year more than 100 Law School students shed their deadly serious demeanor to showcase hidden talents of wit, song, and dance. As T.O.R.T. tradition demands, Robin Hood, Esq. is full of cameo appearances by professors, judges, and other identifiable members of the broader legal community.

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