Nude Beaches of California DVD

Nude Beaches of California DVD

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Check out Nude Beach of California Relaxation DVD

Nude Beaches of California DVD

Tour the most spectacular nude beaches in the country with the Nude Beaches of California DVD. Learn the secrets and locations of Pacific hideaways.Treat yourself to a visual vacation filled with rare footage of uncrowded nudist beach shores... and sun worshipers in search of the perfect nude beach.

Nude Beaches of California - Northern Edition includes maps, directions, helpful tips, and footage shot on location in digital hi-definition wide screen format. Beautifully edited, narrated, and musically scored, Nude Beaches of California includes over 40 minutes of stunning footage of scenic beaches and California's best kept secrets. 

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Nothing is better under the sun.

Directed by Dane Van Rose
Music by Zenpurity

"I loved the footage, and the hip ocean taking a quickie beach vacation! " Morgan Hathaway,Co-founder, National Naturist Organization

"Cue it up, mix a daiquiri, toss off the shirt, and relax with a special friend. The perfect DVD date. " Aidan Scott, Boise, Idaho

"Thanks for the nude beach tips. I'm packing up my sunscreen and heading up to the Kirby Cove tomorrow." Chelsea Sable, Pacifica, CA

"Brilliant! Beautiful Beaches! Great Locations! You're making my job easy."  Taylor Bergen, VP, International Nudist Tours

"I put on Nude Beaches when I'm home. And just pretend I'm on a warm deserted beach." Carmen Lacy, Redmond, WA

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