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W the Movie

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W the Movie

A meteor crashes in the Arizona desert, bringing with it W. He is found by his father, Texas Oil Man, who helps him steal the presidency. A world of chaos is soon unleashed. W and his regime are challenged by liberal reporter BlueMahler, but the world, under the leadership of W, becomes an apocalyptic nightmare.

"W, the Movie" is not about the person of President George W. Bush. It is a surreal permutation of the Bush years, which could easily have been the Nixon years as well. "W the Movie" is a nightmare tale straight from the Theater of the absurd, a biblical melodrama told on wrestlemania television, a Greek myth played out on a Christian Broadcast network, the Book of Revelations told as a cheesy 1950's sci-fi movie.

"...an apocalyptic, psychotic, pop skull of a flick about the nightmarish world that we birthed during the eight year reign of George W. Bush and his army of clones... awesome, frightening, enlightening, insightful, colorful, trippy, entertaining, educational and experimental film that will challenge you in ways you've never been challenged while watching a film."--Richard Propes, The Independent Critic (http://www.theindependentcritic.com/wthemovie)

"Like most good surrealism throughout the ages and arts, Eaker's apocalyptic symphony of W.'s presidency is incredibly, mockingly offensive to the powers that be.... W the Movie won't go down as the defining film on the Bush era from the bland, cite your sources historical perspective, but it perfectly captures the feeling of just being stuck watching the country go to hell in a handbasket."--Mike Lorefice, Raging Bull Reviews (http://www.rbmoviereviews.com/movies/wthemovie.html)

Alfred Eaker, Pink Freud

Winner, Best Experimental Feature, New York International Independent Film Festival

Film Festivals:
New York International Independent Film Festival

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