The Chameleon Killer: Special Edition
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The Chameleon Killer: Special Edition

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The Chameleon Killer: Special Edition

In the small mid-western town of Acid Falls, which has the lowest murder ratio in the country, the most vicious serial killer the world has ever seen is about to strike. Now, this unprepared little town must deal with relentless attacks by a faceless killer who leaves a different mask based on a different horror slasher at each murder scene. Sheriff Garris and his deputies are baffled, to help out the mayor assigns police profiler Mitch Phillips to the case. The killer seems to attack at random, but is there a method to the madness? And the biggest question of all, who is... The Chameleon Killer??

DVD Features:
Bonus Feature Film: COPYCAT
(the original 82 minute Workprint version of the film)
Creating A Chameleon: Behind The Scenes Featurette (featuring comments from director Matt Spease, actor Brian Ramme, actresses Violet Flame, Amber Simmons, Robin Lawrence, Nikki Sexton, and composer Dan 138) From Sketch To Screen: Designing The Chameleon Killer Featurette
(which details how the mask for the killer went from director Matt Spease's sketches to the final film)
Behind The Masks: Inside The Mind Of A Psycho Slasher Fan Featurette
(a very candid conversation with director Matt Spease)
Blooper Reel

Violet Flame; Brian Ramme; Amber Simmons; Robin Lawrence; Matt Spease; Shania

Title #276860
Format: DVD-R