How to Create an Interior PDF of Your Book

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Set up your Document

One text-page per PDF-page; One PDF-page per page number. Your document's dimensions will be the book's final trim size, plus bleed (optional) with margins.

Trim Size

This is the final cut-size of your book in width by height.

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Page CountInside MarginOutside Margins
24 to 150 pages .375" at least .25"
151 to 300 pages .5" at least .25"
301 to 500 pages .625" at least .25"
501 to 700 pages .75" at least .25"
701 to 828 pages .875" at least .25"

Gutter margins are by the book's binding. You'll want a wider margin for longer (thicker) books. See the table for what to set your inside margins to.

Outside margins are the page edges opposite of the binding, and the top and bottom margins. All live text and images must have an outside margin of at least .25" -- but we recommend an outside margin of at least .5"

Does your book contain images?

If you want your images to bleed to the edges of your book, ensure that they extend at least .125" beyond the final trim size from the top, bottom and outer edges and submit your PDF .25" higher and .125" wider than your selected trim size to accommodate the full bleed area.

You are welcome to include background design with text in the gutter area, and to bleed outside the edge of the page as long as it meets bleed requirements. Keep in mind that body text must still comply with our margin specifications.

Design and format your content

Title and Author Name

Your book's title must match exactly to what was entered during our title setup process.

The author's name is required to appear in the interior of your book, either a full name or initials only. Please make sure the initials match the full name you entered during our setup process, and vice versa.


Images may be CMYK or RGB color. All images should be sized at 100%, flattened to one layer and placed in your document at a minimum resolution of 300 DPI.

Checklist: Prepare for Printing

  1. Make sure the dimensions of your document match your trim size (including bleed if applicable).
  2. Make sure all live elements are within the proper margins or safe zone.
  3. Export your file as a print-ready PDF. Be sure fonts are embedded.
  4. The maximum accepted file size for your book interior is 400 MB.
  5. Download the CreateSpace Submission Specification in one document.

Additional Notes

An additional page with a manufacturing-related barcode is added to the back of all books. Books may also have blank pages at the end. Neither the barcode nor the additional pages may be eliminated.

Get a head start with one of our interior templates:

Choose a template that matches the trim size you want for your book. The page size and margins for each template already meet our submission specifications. Templates displaying "sample formatted content" include front matter, chapters, headers, page numbers, and more. Get additional tips for using sample formatted content.

Key Print Terms

Spine: The part of the cover that wraps around the bound edge of the book.

Trim: Where the page will be cut.

Bleed: To print at or off the very edge of a page by design. Commonly used to accommodate images and illustrations.

Live Elements: The content within the viewable area (or safe zone) which is always seen. No essential elements are cut during the bookmaking process.