Clarion Review

Receive a professional, candid review of your self-published book from ForeWord Clarion Reviews. Use all or part of your review to enhance your marketing materials and choose to have it archived in a variety of title information databases used by booksellers and librarians who make purchasing decisions.

Price: $445.00 - Standard Review (8 weeks)
$595.00 - Expedited Review (4 weeks)

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Enhance Your Credibility with a Professional Review

A book review from a respected source is a powerful marketing tool, lending credibility both to your book and your reputation as an author. Consider including an excerpt of your Clarion Review:

  • On the cover of your book, website, blog, and your book's detail page
  • On other marketing materials, such as a press release, business cards, postcards, and bookmarks
  • In communications to bookstores, libraries and traditional publishers

Clarion Review Details

  • A seasoned reviewer will write a professional, objective review, approximately 400 words in length
  • You may choose to have your review added to and archived with the top three title information databases used by booksellers and librarians who make purchasing decisions: Bowker's Books-In-Print online, Baker & Taylor's Titlesource 3, and Ingram's iPage
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"The reviewer was dead on. In addition to positive comments, he included some criticism, which gives the review credibility. I know this review will serve us well."
Jesse Stretch, Desperate Highway

How It Works

With the ForeWord Clarion Review service, we'll take care of all the details of obtaining a review.

We'll print and ship one physical copy of your book directly to ForeWord Clarion Reviews and a professional critic will write an honest, objective review of your work. Within eight weeks, we will e-mail you your final Clarion Review; you make the final determination on whether your review is added to the ForeWord Reviews website and archived by the title information databases listed above.

After receiving your review, you can include it on your book's cover and other promotional materials.

Need your review sooner?

Upgrade to the Expedited Review Service, and receive your review in four weeks for an additional $150.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between ForeWord Reviews and ForeWord Clarion Reviews?

ForeWord Reviews and ForeWord Clarion Reviews are two distinct book review opportunities.

ForeWord Reviews selects books to review for its printed publication, but receives far more submissions than can be reviewed and included in the magazine due to space and other considerations.

As a result of the overwhelming number of books received each month seeking reviews, ForeWord developed the Clarion fee-for-review service to give all titles the opportunity to receive an objective review of the same type and quality published in the magazine. If you like, your ForeWord Clarion Review can be included on the ForeWord website, but your review will not be included in the printed magazine.

Terms and Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions of your Member Agreement, the following terms and conditions will apply to the Clarion Review service, and your use of your Review.

1. Reviews. Clarion Reviews will provide an objective review of your book ("Review") directly to you via e-mail. The Review will be approximately 400 words in length, and will be completed within (a) 8 weeks after we submit your books to Clarion Reviews if you choose the Standard Review Service, or (b) 4 weeks after we submit your books to Clarion Reviews if you choose the Expedited Review Service.

2. Ownership. Subject to Section 3 below, upon your receipt of your Review, we hereby assign to you all right, title and interest (including, but not limited to, all copyrights and any other intellectual property or proprietary rights) in the content of such Review, excluding any right to any Clarion Reviews trademark included in the Review.

3. Use Restrictions. You may reproduce your Review partially or in its entirety, provided that for each use of the Review, you include a credit that states "Foreword Clarion Reviews," and you must not credit "Foreword Reviews."

4. Unfavorable Reviews; Disputes. You understand that the Review will be objective but may be unfavorable. Second reviews will not be performed nor may second reviews be paid for, regardless of the content or nature of the Review received. The Review process is anonymous and reviewer information will not be disclosed. Reviewers cannot be chosen, nor will inquiries or requests regarding the reviewer's age, gender, race, religion or professional background be accepted.