Custom Illustrations

Give your book a colorful edge with striking illustrations by a talented and experienced artist. The artist will create original artwork for your book based on your story and the mood you'd like to create.

Price: $225.00 per illustration (minimum of 5 illustrations)

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Custom Illustrations Include

  • Creation of original artwork that can be used in your book's interior and on your book's cover
  • Selection from a variety of artistic styles and mediums
  • A consultation and regular interaction with the CreateSpace design team so your illustrations reflect your original inspiration and vision
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How It Works

You'll work directly with the CreateSpace design team, who will guide you through the process of creating your custom illustrations. The design team acts as a liaison between you and the professional artist, capturing your input and facilitating the changes to your custom illustrations. Throughout the design process, you'll be able to interact with the design team to make decisions about your final illustrations.

  1. Complete a brief questionnaire to give us an idea of the scenes you want to capture in your illustrations.
  2. We'll select an illustrator to work on your book. Your assigned artist will create a general storyboard that includes black and white sketches of all proposed illustrations based on the information you've provided in your questionnaire.
  3. Give us feedback on your storyboard.
  4. We'll incorporate your feedback and create detailed black and white artwork to give you a more complete vision of your final illustrations.
  5. Give us final feedback on your black and white illustrations.
  6. We'll incorporate your feedback and create your full-color illustrations, ready to be included in your final book files.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I request a specific artist to design my illustrations?

Yes, take a look at our samples to determine which style and artist best suits your book. Or, the design team can choose an appropriate artist for your book's theme and genre. We can only accommodate requests based on an artist's current availability.

Terms and Conditions

The Custom Illustration service does not include interior or cover formatting of your book files. If you prefer to leave the formatting to us, we recommend Total Design Freedom Kids Choice Plus Illustrations.