Marketing Copy Essentials

Marketing your book starts long before a reader turns the first page. Professionally crafted marketing materials not only establish a unique brand for your book but also help attract readers. With the Marketing Copy Essentials service, an expert copywriter crafts six distinctive marketing components based on your book's target audience, summary, and key messages.

Price: $249.00

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The Marketing Copy Essentials Service Includes

  • A Tagline that serves as a quick, one-line marketing pitch for your target audience.
  • A BISAC Category (Book Industry Standards and Communications category) based on your book's genre that is used by the book-selling industry to identify and group your book by its subject matter.
  • Five Keywords based on your book's genre and themes that help improve discoverability on
  • A Book Description that displays on your book's detail page and highlights your book's major marketable themes.
  • Back Cover Text that grabs readers' attention and sets your book apart from others in the market.
  • An Author Biography that shares your background and establishes your credibility as an author.

In addition to these materials, you will receive A Note from Your Copywriter explaining the marketing approach taken in crafting your Marketing Copy Essentials.

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"Everything was great! I was blown away by the quality of the text."
Dean Allen Severns, Create for the Creator
"The marketing materials are excellent. They capture the essence of the book and deliver exactly the message I was looking for. I will be using the materials extensively as I promote the book in a variety of venues."
D.K. Harris, The Resurrection Protocol

How It Works

After providing your manuscript and completing a questionnaire, a professional copywriter will shape your book's key messages to create high-quality marketing materials.

I've purchased the Marketing Copy Essentials service. Now what?

  1. Upload either the draft or final version of your manuscript.
  2. Complete the questionnaire in your CreateSpace account.
    Please note, a detailed and thorough questionnaire is essential for a professional copywriter to create dynamic marketing materials for your book.
  3. Review your final Marketing Copy Essentials materials.
  4. Approve your Marketing Copy Essentials.
  5. We'll place the final marketing copy materials in your CreateSpace account and provide them to your Creative team if you've purchased cover and/or interior design services.

When can I expect to see my Marketing Copy Essentials?

Your Marketing Copy Essentials will be available approximately 7 business days after your questionnaire has been approved and your manuscript has completed a file review. The exact time it takes to complete the service depends on how quickly you approve the Marketing Copy Essentials materials once you receive them.

Important: If you're publishing your own ready-to-print PDF files, it is your responsibility to incorporate the marketing copy into your files prior to uploading for print.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I pay for Marketing Copy Essentials when I could write my own marketing copy?

In the publishing industry, authors generally do not write their own marketing copy. Writing marketing copy is much different than writing a book, and it requires different writing skills. The goal of marketing copy is to sell the book. Because authors are emotionally invested in their books, it can be difficult for them to objectively write copy that will successfully market their books. Copywriters bring professional experience in crafting strategic marketing copy to attract readers.

Q: Will the copywriter read my book?

No. The questionnaire is the copywriter's primary source of information to create the Marketing Copy Essentials materials, but the copywriter will have the manuscript to reference if needed. The most important information for the copywriter is what you provide in the questionnaire, as this informs how the writer will position the marketing materials.

Terms and Conditions

The marketing copy materials created through this service should not be used or portrayed as an editorial review. The views and opinions expressed in your Marketing Copy Essentials do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of CreateSpace or its affiliates.