Promotional Text Creation

To attract readers and reviewers to your book, it is essential to have compelling, targeted descriptions on your book's cover and promotional materials. With our Promotional Text Creation service, a professional copywriter will shape your book's key messages into marketing copy designed to suit a variety of purposes.

Price: $199.00

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Use the promotional text we create on all your marketing materials – such as our business cards, bookmarks, postcards, sell sheets, and posters!

Put Your Best Book Forward

Use your promotional text on your:

  • Book's back cover
  • book detail page, eStore, and on other sales channels
  • Website
  • Promotional materials, like our Publicity Kit

Promotional Text You Will Receive

  • One-sentence description
  • Short description
  • Extended description
  • Back cover text
  • Author biography
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" I can't tell you how excited I became as I read through the promotional text. Wow! They did such an awesome job! "
Steve McGill, The Cave

How It Works

Upload your manuscript and complete a brief questionnaire to tell us about the key messages and themes in your book.

A seasoned copywriter will shape your book's key messages into marketing copy of several different lengths designed to suit a variety of purposes.

Review the suggested text and provide feedback for changes.

A professional writer will make updates based on your suggestions before finalizing the text.

After two rounds of revisions, any changes are subject to fees, including title and/or author name changes.

Turnaround Time

The first draft of the Promotional Text will be presented for your review within seven (7) business days. The full timeframe can vary based on the number of requested revision and the time needed for your review before finalizing the text.

IMPORTANT: If you are publishing with your own ready-to-print PDF files, it is your responsibility to incorporate the promotional text into your files prior to uploading for print.

Terms and Conditions

The promotional text created through this service should not be used or portrayed as an editorial review. The views and opinions expressed in your promotional text do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of CreateSpace or its affiliates.