Signature Book Cover

Give your book every opportunity to shine with a Signature Book Cover! Our professional design team will custom-create an expressive, engaging book cover that helps convey your book's nuanced messages using a variety of images, colors, and textures.

Price: $749.00

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Signature Cover Includes

  • Up to ten hours of design time from one of our professional graphic designers
  • Varied images, textures, fonts, and background colors designed into a cohesive, customized cover
  • A consultation and regular interaction with the CreateSpace design team so your cover reflects your original inspiration and vision
  • Placement of your back cover text, author photo, and barcode
  • Cover formatting and sizing for your book's specific trim size
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" Your design team worked an absolute miracle on my book's cover! You came up with exactly what I had in mind, what I had been picturing for several years. "
Robert Ransom Odom, Autobiography of a Redneck Hindu

How It Works

Play > Visit the Interactive Design Center to see our design process.

You'll work with the CreateSpace design team, who will guide you through the cover design process. The design team acts as a liaison between you and the professional book designer, capturing your input and facilitating the changes made to your book's cover design. Throughout the design process, you'll be able to interact with the design team to make decisions about your book cover's look and feel.

  1. Upload any images you'd like to include on your book's cover.
  2. Before we begin the design process, complete a brief questionnaire to give us an idea of what you envision for your book's cover. You'll have the opportunity to consult with our design team so we understand the concepts you have in mind.
  3. We'll create two cover design concepts based on your input.
  4. Give us feedback and select the cover concept that best matches your vision.
  5. Following your guidance and input, we'll design a complete cover for your book based on the cover concept you've selected. Review your digital cover proof and give us your final updates.
  6. Approve your final cover design, and we'll incorporate your cover into your book for publication.

Some design and text updates may incur additional fees; see our Changes Policy for more information.

IMPORTANT: We cannot complete your cover until we have your book's final page count, as the number of pages determines your book's spine width.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I provide my own graphics for my book cover?

Yes! As long as your graphics or images meet our resolution standard of 300 DPI, we can use your graphics to create a cover design concept. To give you another option, we'll also create a second cover concept based on your input using new images and design elements. You choose which cover concept you'd like to move forward with!

Q: What is the difference between the Signature and Unique Book Cover design options?

With a Signature Book Cover, a professional graphic designer will spend a significant amount of time selecting, editing, and styling multiple images to create a new one-of-kind image for your cover. With the Unique Book Cover option, a professional graphic designer will create your book cover using a single central image. Check out the cover examples above and on the Unique Book Cover page to determine which style of design you prefer.