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Looking to reach more readers by giving them the option to read in their preferred format? Our Simple Interior service provides you with a high-quality print and Kindle interior that is indistinguishable from that of traditionally published books. You will select from our ten polished interior templates created by seasoned design experts to make your book ready for print and Kindle publication.

Price: $249.00

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The Simple Interior Service

  • Ensures your book's content is designed for a smooth and organized print and Kindle reading experience.
  • Enhances your text with unique and reader-friendly fonts that are indistinguishable from traditionally published books.
  • Includes a selection of ten pre-designed interior templates perfect for text-only manuscripts.
  • Incorporates the placement of one author photo, which appears alongside the author biography, or one publisher logo, which appears on the title or copyright pages.

*If you are seeking more design customization and layout flexibility, or have a book with complex formatting, such as footnotes or images other than an author photo or publisher logo, you will need to look at our Custom Interior and Kindle Conversion services.

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To view all ten templates please review our Simple Interior Templates.

"My book looks just like every other mainstream book. I'm impressed by the little things – the Kindle navigation, the fonts that give it that 'wow' factor – I couldn't be happier."
Peter Tennyson, The Sleep Trilogy
Simple Interior is "simple, easy to use and to the point."
David Murphy, The Incredible Odyssey of Gray Rabbit
"The templates provide a good selection of styles. It was easy to find one perfect for my novel."
Amy Kemp, Prodigal Daughter— Returning Home
to the Father's Embrace

How It Works

After providing your manuscript, choosing a template, and creating an account with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), our design experts will create a high-quality polished print and Kindle interior by matching your manuscript to the template you selected. After reviewing and approving your print interior, we'll send you a Complimentary Author Copy of your book and upload your Kindle eBook to your KDP account.

I've purchased the Simple Interior service. Now what?

  1. If you don't already have one, create an account with KDP at Read and agree to the KDP terms of service.
  2. Upload your final edited manuscript* including your author photo or publisher logo, if applicable.
  3. Review and select your template from our ten pre-designed templates.
  4. We'll format your content into a professional looking print and Kindle book.
  5. Approve your book's interior. We'll work with KDP to set up your title information and upload your Kindle eBook for you.
  6. To finalize, publish your print book through your CreateSpace account and publish your Kindle eBook through your KDP account.

Please note, if you wish to make changes to your interior, additional fees will apply, see Help for more information.

*Haven't already worked with a professional editor? We can help! See our editing services side-by-side.

When can I expect to see my designed interior?

After submitting your final manuscript and making your template selections, we'll provide the interior proof for your print book in 7 days, and your Kindle interior will be available 2 days after you approve your print book. Changes requested to your print and Kindle book will take 5 to 7 business days to process depending on the type and quantity of changes.

All changes requested will incur additional fees, see Help for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be able to make design, font, and layout adjustments to my selected template?

No. The templates in the Simple Interior service are designed to match the quality of traditionally published books and cannot accommodate design, font, or layout changes. If you wish to create a customized interior, we offer a range of design and Kindle services that can provide you with an interior design you're looking for.

Q: How long do changes take?

To reduce the overall timeline of the service without incurring additional fees, we highly recommend that the manuscript you submit for design is the edited and finalized version. However, if you request changes to your print and Kindle book, the length of time it takes to incorporate those changes ranges from 5 to 7 business days, depending on the extent of work needed.

To learn more about our changes services and to review the additional fees that apply, see Help for more information.

Q: I plan to include images in my book's interior. Is this service a good fit for me?

No. Our Simple Interior service can only accommodate one author photo, which appears alongside the author biography, or one publisher logo, which appears on the title or copyright pages. Our Custom Interior and Kindle Conversion services are great for books that contain images or require complex formatting.

Q: Will my Kindle book look exactly like my print book?

Your Kindle eBook will match your print book as closely as possible. The author photo or publisher logo will remain the same; however, in some instances, the images may be less clear and the formatting may differ slightly.