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Withoutabox & CustomFlix Team up to offer Complete On-Demand DVD Fulfillment

LOS ANGELES, CA and SANTA CRUZ, CA – March 20, 2006 – Withoutabox, Inc., the largest community of independent films and filmmakers in the world, and CustomFlix Labs, Inc., a leading DVD on-demand company and wholly owned subsidiary of (NASDAQ: AMZN), today announced an agreement to provide a highly cost-effective and efficient way for independent filmmakers to create and fulfill industry screener and retail DVDs.

This new standard-setting service, which will be introduced this year plays to the strengths of both companies by offering streamlined fulfillment of industry and film festival screeners as well as opportunities for bulk DVDs and individual retail purchases. Filmmakers will be able to manage all ordering, sales, and shipment tracking directly from their consoles at, where they already manage their international festival submissions, as well as from, where they manage their relationships to audiences and consumers. This pushes the power of the filmmaker to the next level in creating a self-distribution network - from grassroots to supply-and-demand at the highest levels.

"For filmmakers, this is the Holy Grail of festival submissions," said Joe Neulight, President of Withoutabox. "It's the long-awaited fully clickable submission. No need to touch or put anything in the mail. This service will enable it to be done for them from anywhere in the world."

"Withoutabox is a natural fit for CustomFlix given both of our long histories of serving independent filmmakers," said Dana LoPiccolo-Giles, co-founder and Managing Director of CustomFlix. "We look forward to offering Withoutabox's filmmakers fully-tracked and delivered film festival submission DVDs at prices that will be hard to beat, even for filmmakers doing it themselves."

As a result of this service, Withoutabox partner festivals can expect to see a sharp rise in the manufacturing quality and technical compatibility of submitted DVD screeners, helping to eliminate a frustrating problem on both sides of the submission process. Fully track-able and reliable shipments will also reduce the number of entries that go missing, even while the scale of the operation promises to dramatically reduce shipping costs for filmmakers. Final pricing will be announced upon launch of the service.

"Withoutabox is building a fully-integrated toolkit for self-distribution and we work with only the top companies," said David Straus, CEO and co-founder of Withoutabox, Inc., "CustomFlix has built an inventory-free on-demand distribution system already used by thousands of filmmakers which easily scales to meet the needs of our members whether they require one or one thousand DVDs."

The relationship will further offer an opt-in path for Withoutabox titles to list on, the world's leading online retailer. Filmmakers who choose this option will be able to list and de-list their titles on right from their Withoutabox consoles, track their royalty payments in real-time, and collect their funds. Opt-In to the listing is not required to participate in the other offerings.

About Withoutabox, Inc.
Withoutabox is The Network for Independents. In operation since 2000, the Company developed and patented The International Film Festival Submission System, now connecting more than 75,000 filmmakers to more than 1800 film festivals worldwide, including 400 online submission partners. Audience by Withoutabox is the Company's social networking site for filmmakers, film-lovers, and festivalgoers, featuring, blogs, ratings, reviews, calendars, and ticketing for the Indie scene. Withoutabox's Distribution Lab assists filmmakers in getting their films to market through pioneering concepts of personalization and the "long tail" while allowing and filmmakers to hold on to their rights.

About CustomFlix
CustomFlix, a wholly owned subsidiary of, is the leader of on-demand video publishing. Their mission is to help independent filmmakers, content providers, educators and video producers connect their programs to a worldwide audience. With unique on-demand video publishing services, the company brings together the best components of just-in-time disc production and the marketing reach of the Internet to give video professionals a new way to bring a few, or a few thousand, copies of a program to market.

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