For Labels

To maximize your market opportunity and reduce inventory risk, take advantage of all that Disc On-Demand has to offer for your inventory stock.


Stay In Stock

The CreateSpace Disc On-Demand program helps you manage demand spikes or product shortfall by acting as an inventory backup even while you continue to supply retailers with traditional stock.

When needed, your on-demand titles can simply kick in to fulfill customer orders while you make arrangements for more replicated copies. Disc On-Demand helps sustain momentum in all market environments and assures you never miss a sale due to lack of availability.

Effortlessly manage demand spikes from:

  • News, television, or other media spotlights
  • Album releases
  • Political and social events

Eliminate product shortfalls from:

  • Manufacturing or warehouse delays
  • Shipping loss
  • Inventory loss

Get to Market Faster

List your content for sale immediately after launch, and advertise availability to music fans about your CD while demand is high.

Use our Disc On-Demand program to release titles on CD before, or even during, solicitation to traditional retail channels.

Reduce Costs

Disc On-Demand fulfillment is a cost-effective way to satisfy consumer demand. You reduce safety stocks and inventory levels without jeopardizing your long-term profitability, and improve cash flow with higher inventory turns as a result.

Disc On-Demand frees you to focus valuable resources and capital on what you do best - finding and creating new high-quality content.

Provide Broader Selection

Managing inventory levels on backlist titles is expensive and time consuming. As your catalog of content grows, inventory management becomes more complex and cost prohibitive.

By keeping all your content perpetually available and in stock, you'll increase your catalog selection, extend the lifecycle of each title, and profit on earlier investments with less risk. Resuscitate and remarket your out-of-stock albums by listing them digitally for even greater availability.

Test Market New Titles

Rather than gambling on which titles will take off, use Disc On-Demand to get to market faster with less risk. By gauging how a new release sells with our on-demand services, you can more accurately forecast customer sales before committing to large amounts of traditional inventory.