Audio Submission Guidelines

Music labels, distributors, and digital aggregators should follow these submission guidelines when preparing content.


Required Assets for Delivery

There are three essential assets we require to create a Disc On-Demand title:

  • Metadata: Sometimes referred to as “copy,” metadata provides critical information about each title. 
  • Source Material: The source material is the media on which you will be delivering your music content.
  • Artwork: Artwork must be provided for the disc face and the case. A thumbnail image may also be required.


Metadata should be submitted in a spreadsheet according to our specifications. We’ll send you complete instructions on how to prepare your files.

Source Material Submission

There are three types of audio source content for Disc On-Demand titles:

  • Red Book Audio Disc
  • Lossless Audio Files
  • XML Feed

Important notes regarding our CD production in general:

  • We only manufacture to CD-R media.
  • Never submit an original master.
  • We do not accept data CDs containing audio files (MP3, WAV) for conversion to Red Book CDs.
  • We do not accept enhanced CDs, hybrid CDs, or CDs that contain executable files.

Delivery Format: Audio Disc

  • Format: Physical CD-R or Replicated CD
  • Comply with Red Book Audio CD Standards
  • Properties: Digital audio encoding: 2-channel signed 16-bit PCM sampled at 44100 Hz
  • Selecting the Audio CD option in most CD burning software will automatically produce an Audio CD that meets these specifications.

Delivery Format: Digital

  • Format: Uncompressed audio files via hard drive or FTP.
  • Properties: Files must be AIFF format 44.1 kHz / 16 bit (Red Book standard)
  • Lossless Flac and WAV formats are also supported, but we will convert these files to AIFF
  • Gaps will not be added between tracks.
  • Naming Convention
    • Create a folder just for content.
    • Tracks must be inside a folder, which is named as the title ID.
    • Each track must be named exactly as: [track#] [TrackName].aiff
    • Use single digits track numbers 1-9.
    • Single spaces between track numbers and text.
    • Track name may contain any alpha-numeric character, excluding spaces.

Delivery Format: XML Feed
We accept your metadata, content, and artwork via an XML submission to an FTP.

In addition, we will need three supplemental nodes:

     - This will be the template ID (not required if providing completed artwork or if using scanning services).
     - This is the retail price for the DOD channel.  

Artwork Submission

There are three types of artwork formats for Disc On-Demand titles:

  • Print Ready Artwork
  • Dynamic Template Artwork
  • Scanning Services

Print Ready Artwork
All artwork submissions may be delivered either on a data disc, hard drive, or via FTP. Artwork must be designated with its corresponding title ID. Name each folder as the title ID and place all relevant artwork inside.

  • Images must be submitted as RGB JPEGs
  • We do not support CMYK (or four-color) JPEGs.
  • The standard CD logo cannot be used as they are only licensed for use with replicated discs.
  • A UPC barcode is automatically added during manufacturing. Be sure to leave this area free of important text and graphics. Do not create a white box in this area.
    • Outside tray card: Default position is the lower right corner.
    • Outside booklet: Default position is the lower right corner.
  • The disc face printing is applied from the disc edge to the inside hub (inner hole) using full color.  A small barcode is automatically added at bottom during manufacturing and is required for quality control purposes.
FormatNaming ConventionImage Size (pixels)Maximum File Size
Cover Booklet Outside CDBookletOutsideImage.jpg2925 x 14906 MB
Cover Booklet InsideCDBookletInsideImage.jpg 2925 x 14906 MB
Tray Card Outside CDTrayCardOutsideImage.jpg1820 x 14656 MB
Tray Card Inside CDTrayCardInsideImage.jpg1820 x 14656 MB
Disc Face ImageLabelImg.jpg 1417x1417
Full bleed
2 MB
MP3 Album ImageAlbumImage.jpg1448 x 14482 MB

The default booklet for a CD is a 4-page (or panel) booklet.

For Standard Booklets (4 page booklets):

An example of a 4-page booklet layout:

Guidelines for multipage booklets (8 to 32 pages) can be provided if needed.

Print Ready Artwork Guides
We have created guide templates to help you conform already existing artwork to our specifications or to serve as a starting point if you are creating new artwork. The CD-R logo is provided; bleed areas and barcode locations are also indicated.

Download CD Templates

Dynamic Template Artwork
If you do not have the resources to create artwork and you have a large set of similar titles, we can create a Dynamic Metadata Template for your disc and case art. Using this option, we combine a background design that is the same from title to title with the option to add a unique image you provide for each title. Unique text information per title is populated automatically from the metadata you provide.

Additional fees may apply for this service.

Scanning Services
If you do not have the resources to create artwork and you would like to use the original artwork on the physical product, we are able to provide scanning services.

Additional fees may apply for this service.

Returning Your Source Material

All source material will be returned after your titles have been approved.