Case Studies

Many publishers use our services in interesting, creative, and successful ways. Here’s what they have to say...


Time to Market

Deliver cutting-edge technology books as soon as—or before—the technology itself is available.

Packt Publishing is “…a modern, unique publishing company with a focus on producing cutting-edge books for communities of developers, administrators, and newbies alike.” In two years through 2009 Packt Publishing quadrupled its title catalog and more than doubled its sales with unique content that truly meets their customers’ needs. 

Dave Maclean, CEO of Packt Publishing, says, “Because of the economics of the Print On-Demand model, CreateSpace has enabled us to put out deeply specialized material that truly meets our customers’ needs. While the leading technical publisher might put out one book on Drupal in the same year it’s hot in the IT community, we were able to put out fourteen specialized titles beginning in the same month.” He continues, “We’re excited about working with CreateSpace to minimize upfront costs and cut time-to-market. We look forward to continued growth by meeting our customers’ ever changing demands and operating in a manner that limits our risk and maximizes our potential for success.”

Packt Publishing is taking advantage of the inventory-free nature of Print On-Demand to minimize start-up costs and time-to-market, while ensuring that customers around the world can always get their titles. 

Test Marketing and Production Forecasting

Reduce inventory and run leaner, while ensuring availability to the end customer.

A dynamic publisher, Chelsea Green is constantly exploring new avenues to use technology as a catalyst for growth. Print on-demand has proved an effective solution, whether to stay in stock and increase sales of existing titles or to test-market new titles to measure customer demand before committing to a print run. "Print on-demand is an integral part of our business strategy to boost top line revenue and to find innovative ways to reach new customers." said Margo Baldwin, CEO of Chelsea Green.

Margo continued "This year we test marketed a title on for the first time using CreateSpace POD for fulfillment to more accurately predict customer demand. The title sold well in international markets but we were unsure how well it would perform in the United States. In the past we would have relied solely on our experience and buyer feedback from our retail partners which is always a bit of guessing game. The test marketing results we received gave us a much more accurate forecast to base future off-set print runs on as well as to guide our sales and marketing spend to promote the book.

With the current economic climate we have been looking to cut costs like everyone else. The in-stock protection program allows us to run leaner on inventory while increasing our availability to our retail partners. It's a win win situation for everyone when an author can go to and see that their book is available while we are saving money that would have been tied up in inventory without the in-stock protection program. We can re-purpose that money now to drive sales and marketing for those same books making us more competitive.

News Release
Springer to collaborate with CreateSpace on inventory-free book distribution.

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