For Publishers

To maximize your market opportunity and reduce inventory risk, take advantage of all that Print On-Demand has to offer for your inventory stock.


Stay in Stock

The CreateSpace Print On-Demand program offers publishers in stock protection, helping to smooth out demand spikes and shortfalls, so that your books are always available even while you continue to supply retailers with traditional stock.

When needed, your Print On-Demand books can simply fulfill customer orders while you replenish inventory supplies. You’ll sustain momentum in all market environments and never miss a sale due to inventory outages. And, not to worry, Print On-Demand books are virtually identical to other inventory sources.

Print On-Demand helps you effortlessly manage demand spikes from media events, unannounced author self-promotions, movie releases and other unexpected events. Never get stuck with inventory shortfalls again due to printing delays, warehouse issues, shipping loss or Inventory loss.

Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs

Print On-Demand frees you to focus valuable resources and capital on what you do best—creating high-quality, compelling content.

Warehousing and shipping fees for backlist titles are a drain on resources, creating safety stock for front-list titles erodes your long-term profitability. On-Demand fulfillment is a proven, cost-effective way to satisfy consumer demand. Reduce safety stocks and inventory levels, and improve cash flow with higher inventory turns.

Grow Your Catalog

Although the long tail of consumer demand offers significant opportunity, managing inventory levels on backlist titles is expensive and time consuming. As your catalog of content grows, inventory management becomes more complex and cost prohibitive.

With Print On-Demand there is no reason to let a title go out of print. With no inventory risk, Print On-Demand allows you to publish more works from more authors without worrying about print runs and inventory carrying costs if the books don’t sell.

Keep titles perpetually “in stock,” extending the lifecycle of each title and profit on earlier investments with less risk. You may even have out of stock or out of print titles that you could resuscitate and remarket.

Test Market New Titles

Use Print On-Demand to get to market faster with less risk, testing markets for new authors, new categories, niches or specialized subjects. Print On-Demand-supported test marketing enables you to get an earlier read on the market’s interest in your title helping to more accurately forecast sales before committing to an offset print run.

Offer Large Print and Custom Books

Alternate format options such as large print and custom books present a fast growing opportunity with substantial demand, but they’re unsuitable for traditional offset print runs because of the relatively low sales per book. Capitalize on these selling opportunities, and make the most of every title in your portfolio with CreateSpace Print On-Demand!

  • Resize your files from trade to large print
  • Release large print and standard editions of your titles simultaneously to maximize your marketing spend and ROI

Print On-Demand is also a great solution to make your customized content available to customers in just about any format:

  • Custom travel books
  • Chapter books for journals and reference and educational materials
  • Customized children’s books