Manufacturing Specifications

The following specifications are intended for paperback books with black and white or color interiors, with full-color covers.


Trim Size
We print all books at their original trim size within the following range:

  • Any width from 4" to 8.5" (10.16 cm to 21.59 cm)
  • Any height from 6" to 11.69" (15.24 cm to 29.6926 cm)

Page Count
The following table provides maximum page counts based on trim width and paper choice. All books must have at least 24 pages.

Trim Width
(in inches)
Trim Width
(in centimeters)
White Paper
(444 ppi)
Cream Paper
(400 ppi)
(426 ppi)
4 to 8.1210.16 to 20.6248828828500

Text Paper StockĀ 
Paper stocks are subject to change

Paper Stock for Black and White Books

  • 60# white 444ppi
  • 60# cream 412ppi

Paper Stock for Full-Color Books

  • 60# white 426ppi

Covers and Binding

  • 4-color printed covers with film lamination
  • Cover stock: 10 pt C1S
  • Perfect binding