Printing and Scanning Fees


Printing Fees
Black & white$0.012 per page
Color$0.07 per page
Cover$0.85 per unit
Setup Fees
Print-Ready PDF$39 per book*
TIFF$39 per book

* We‘re waiving digital setup fees on print-ready PDFs through 2011.

Scanning Fees
Per-Book Scanning **
Black & white text-only books$59 per book
Books with 1-5 grayscale pages$69 per book
Books with 6-50 grayscale pages$89 per book
Per-Page Scanning **
Black & white text pages (401 or more pages) ***$0.12 per page
Grayscale pages (51 or more grayscale pages) ***$0.50 per page
A la Carte Scanning
Cover (300 DPI, color)$20 per book
Color interior pages$1.50 per page
Scanned File Return $39 per work

**We’re discounting per-book and per-page scanning rates by 50% on hard-copy books received in 2011.
*** Scanning fees for high page count and high halftone books are calculated by adding per-page fees to the applicable per-book fee.