Studio Submission Guidelines

Studios, television networks, and video suppliers should follow these submission guidelines when preparing content for Disc On-Demand distribution.


Required Assets for Delivery

There are three essential assets required to create a Disc On-Demand DVD:

  • Metadata: Sometimes referred to as “copy,” metadata provides critical information about each title. 
  • Source Material: The source material is the media on which you will be delivering your video content.
  • Artwork: Artwork must be provided for the disc face and the case. A thumbnail image may also be required.


Metadata should be submitted in a spreadsheet according to our specifications. We’ll send you complete instructions on how to prepare your files.

Source Material

There are two types of video source content for Disc On-Demand titles:

  • Authored (DVD or authored digital files)
  • Un-authored (tapes or digital files)

Important notes regarding our DVD production:

  • Our preference is always to receive an HD source for our titles wherever available. 
  • We only manufacture to single layer DVD-R media (DVD5).
  • Never submit an original master.
  • DVDs are manufactured as Region 0 (Region Free, Region ALL). The preferred source delivery is Region 0.
  • We are unable to accept copy protected or encrypted source material (e.g. CSS, RipGuard, ProtectDisc).

Authored Content

The quickest method for submitting source material is via an authored DVD. The features of your menu and disc structure will be duplicated exactly.


  • Media: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, or replicated DVD
  • File Size: 3.9GB or 4.7GB single layer DVD5
  • File System Format: Audio_TS and Video_TS folders only
  • File Names: 12 characters – uppercase letter, numbers, underscores (_), and periods (.) only (e.g. VIDEO_TS.BUP, VTS_01_2.VOB)
  • Bit Rate: Maximum 6.5 mbps for combined video and audio tracks
  • Audio: Dolby Digital (AC-3)

Authored Digital Files
Audio/Video TS Folders & Naming

  • Folder data must conform to the “Disc” specifications outlined above.
  • Audio and Video TS folders inside a folder named as the Title ID.

ISO Disc Image File & Naming

  • ISO must conform to the “Disc” specifications outlined above.
  • Each ISO Image file must be named as the Title ID.

Un-Authored Content


  • Do not use LP or SLP mode.
  • All tapes must begin and end with at least 20 seconds of leader and must include time codes.
  • Audio peaks should never exceed 0db.
  • We are currently unable to accept HD-CAM SR and DLT tapes.
High Definition FormatFormat
HD-CAM (1080p, 1080i)N/A
HDV (720p, 1080i)N/A
Standard Definition FormatFormat
Digital Betacam (DigiBeta)NTSC, PAL
BetacamNTSC, PAL

Specify Start and Stop Time code
In order to ensure that your content is encoded exactly as required, time codes for the first and last frame should be submitted with the source material.

Un-authored Digital Files

We recommend using DVCPro 50 or M-JPEG to create your digital files.  We can accept MOV formats that do not use a proprietary codec.

We recommend using these settings:

High Definition MPEG2 File Format
FormatsGeneric ISO MPEG program stream
Frame RateSame as Source
Chroma Subsampling4:2:2
ModeConstant Bitrate @ 100mbps -- Closed GOP
ChannelsStereo, 48kHz
Bitrate256 kbps
Standard Definition MPEG2 File Format
FormatMPEG-2 program stream
Frame RateSame as Source
Chroma Subsampling4:2:2
ModeConstant Bitrate @ 15-20mbps -- Closed GOP
ChannelsStereo, 48kHz
Bitrate256 kbps
Standard Definition MPEG2 File Format – DVD stream settings
Frame RateSame as Source
Chroma Subsampling4:1:0
ModeVariable or Constant Bitrate: 8mbps max.
FormatAC3 or PCM
ChannelsStereo 48kHz
BitrateUp to 256 kbps

Authoring Menus
Basic Navigation Menu
The Basic Navigation Menu combines a background image with our common menu structure.  Both the main menu and the chapter menu use the same background.  If you don’t provide a background image, we will use a generic blue/black gradient. DVDs will play to a menu screen immediately upon loading. If chapters aren’t specified, a “Play” button will appear on the menu, which plays the whole disc.

You can include more than one tape in your submission for authoring into one disc. For example:

  • Intro Segment: play immediately upon loading (trailers, FBI warnings, logos)
  • Main Segment: main program or feature
  • Special Feature: extra videos or features

Specify Chapter Time codes
Chapters are an optional feature. Each chapter is specified by time code followed by the chapter name. The time codes and names will be used exactly as specified. A maximum of 30 chapters can be specified and each chapter name cannot be more than 30 characters long. Chapters are not available for the Special Features or the Intro Segment.

Artwork Submission
There are two types of artwork formats for Disc On-Demand titles:

  • Print Ready Artwork
  • Dynamic Template Artwork

Print Ready Artwork

All artwork submissions may be delivered either on a data disc, hard drive, or via FTP. Artwork must be designated with its corresponding Title ID.  Name each folder as the Title ID and place the relevant artwork inside.

  • Images must be submitted as RGB JPEGs.
  • CMYK (or four-color) JPEGs are NOT supported.
  • The standard DVD logo cannot be used as they are only licensed for use with replicated discs.
  • A UPC barcode is automatically added during manufacturing. Its default position is in the upper right of the back cover. 
    • Be sure to leave this area free of important text and graphics. 
    • Do not create a white box in this area.
  • The disc face printing is applied from the disc edge to the inside hub (inner hole) using full color. A small barcode is automatically added at bottom during manufacturing and is required for quality control purposes.
FormatNaming ConventionImage Size (pixels)Maximum File Size
Full Wrap Cover ImageFullCoverDVDImage.jpg3300 x 2250
full bleed
6 MB
Disc Face ImageLabelImg.jpg1417 x 1417
full bleed
2 MB
Menu Background ImageMenuBackground.jpg720 x 4802 MB

Print Ready Artwork Guides
We have created guide templates to help you conform already existing artwork to our specifications or to serve as a starting point if you are creating new artwork.  The DVD-R logo is provided; bleed areas and barcode locations are also indicated.

Download DVD Templates

Menu Art
The Menu Background Image is not used for authored content and is optional for un-authored content.  The attached template uses grey to indicate the safe zone, orange for the area reserved for buttons, and yellow for the chapter menu titles.

There are a few items to be aware of when designing DVD menus:

  • RGB JPEG formatting, using NTSC safe colors.
  • Submit only one background image per title. 
  • Do not include buttons or highlights artwork as our system will place those elements automatically.
  • The image must be created at 720 x 540 square pixels, then “squeezed” to 720 x 480.
  • The image must be de-interlaced.

It’s also often a good idea to slightly blur the image and decrease the opacity so it doesn’t detract too much from the menu elements.

Download DVD Menu Template

Dynamic Template Artwork

If you do not have the resources to create artwork and you have a large set of similar titles, we can create a Dynamic Metadata Template for your disc and case art. Using this option, we combine a background design that is the same from title to title with the option to add a unique image you provide for each title. Unique text information per title is populated automatically from the metadata you provide.

Additional fees may apply for this service.

Returning Your Source Material

All source material will be returned after your titles have been approved.