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General Cover Creator Help

What is Cover Creator?

Cover Creator is an interactive online tool that allows you to quickly and easily create a professional looking cover for your book. Choose one of our template designs as a starting point, customize it by adding a cover image and details, and in a few short minutes your cover will be ready to submit.

How to use Cover Creator

  1. To use Cover Creator, select to Build Your Cover Online in the title setup workflow and click Launch Cover Creator.
  2. Select the template you wish to use as a starting point and click OK.
  3. The left hand navigation bar will guide you through the list of tasks for customizing your cover. Select the task bar you wish to edit, and follow the instructions to complete the task. Click Apply to see the changes to your cover and stay on the current task, or Next to apply your changes and then move on to the next step.
  4. Some tasks, such as the subtitle and author photo, are optional. If you do not want to include optional tasks in your artwork, simply open the task, uncheck the Visible box and click Next.
  5. Once you've completed all tasks, click Submit Cover to save your work.
  6. To edit your cover at a later date, return to title setup for your project and click the Edit link.

Task Icons

The following icons will help guide you through Cover Creator.

Icon Description
[No Icon]

This task is not yet complete.


This task is complete.
You've successfully completed this task. If you want to make any changes, click on the task name to expand the pane.

Pass but with warning 

This task is complete, but with a warning.
This task has been marked as complete but contains a warning message that may require your attention. To review the warning and make any necessary changes, click on the task name to expand the pane.


There is a problem with this task.
To find out more information about the problem with this task and instructions on how to fix it, click the task name to expand the pane.


This task contains unsaved text.
This task contains new or revised text that has not been saved and the preview of your cover has not yet been updated. To complete this task, click the Apply or Next button.


Task update in progress.
A task, such as a file upload, is currently in progress.

Cover Creator for Books

Book Tasks

Here are descriptions of the key book tasks to help get you started. Keep in mind that not all tasks are included with every book template.


A theme consists of a set of fonts and optional images to be used with your cover.


Cover Creator automatically populates the title name you provided when you set up your project; the title name on the cover must match the title setup information. If you change the title name on your cover, you may need to contact support to have it changed in your account. Once a title has been approved for publishing, the title name can no longer be changed.


Cover Creator automatically populates the author name you provide when you setup your project; authors and other contributor names must match the title setup information. If you change the author name on your cover, you may need to contact support to have it changed in your account.

Front Cover Image

You have three options for your book's front cover image: use the default template image from your chosen design and theme, upload your own image, or choose an image from our Image Gallery.

Cover Creator Image Gallery

What is the Cover Creator Image Gallery?

The Image Gallery is a collection of photos available for use with Cover Creator. Use the photos from the Image Gallery at no charge with your Cover Creator cover on products published with CreateSpace.

Not all images in the gallery are the appropriate size for every design. We'll only offer you images that are the right dimension for the design and trim size you have selected.

How to use the Image Gallery

  1. From Cover Creator, open an image task such as front cover image.
  2. Click Use one of our images to open the Image Gallery.
  3. Browse the gallery by clicking through the image categories, or look for something more specific by using the search box.
  4. After finding an image for your cover, click Use this image to populate it to your cover.

Need Additional Help?

Visit our Community to read tips from other authors about using Cover Creator. You can also visit our Help Pages to search for specific solutions to your questions.