Dave Shor

Founder, Labrador Media Group
Producer, Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys

In 2005, Labrador pictures turned Dave Barry's laugh-out-loud book, "Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys" into its first motion picture. Once the film was ready for release, Labrador faced the age-old problem most filmmakers experience - how to land a lucrative and equitable distribution deal to take the film mainstream.

CreateSpace, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon.com, offered Labrador Pictures a quick and easy solution for DVD distribution. Through the DVD on Demand service, CreateSpace produces discs as customers order, so no pre-built inventory is needed. Customers can sell their films for a fraction of the cost of traditional distribution, while maintaining unprecedented flexibility and control over the materials. What's more, by using the DVD on Demand service, Labrador Pictures was able to make their film available to millions of Amazon.com customers.

"CreateSpace is a fantastic distribution tool for filmmakers," said Dave Shor, Managing Partner for Labrador Pictures. "They provided the perfect platform for us to get our film packaged while we searched traditional distribution. With the inventory free DVD on Demand program, we created buzz selling our film on Amazon.com, which we leveraged to land a great distribution deal."

Based on the buzz they built through self-distribution and selling on Amazon.com, Labrador was in no rush to settle for just any old distribution deal. They had recognizable talent in the film, including Dave Barry, John Cleese, Christina Moore and Dan Marino and they were already experiencing success selling "Guide to Guys" using the CreateSpace DVD on Demand service. They left the door open, stood their ground and with much success! Labrador recently secured a great deal with Monarch Home Video, one of the oldest independent distributors of home video, landing "Guide to Guys" in all of the major retail outlets including Blockbuster, Hollywood Video and Netflix.

"It was a great experience working with CreateSpace," said Shor. "I highly recommend them and already plan on using their DVD on Demand service again in the near future."

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