Terri Branson

Dragonfly Publishing, Inc., Book Publisher

Dragonfly Publishing, Inc., a book publisher specializing in print-on-demand (POD) books, was looking for a fast, easy and profitable way to create and market its authors' books. The company, which currently touts a variety of science fiction, fantasy, children's literature and non-fiction titles, selected CreateSpace to produce its authors' titles. Since engaging with CreateSpace in 2007, Dragonfly Publishing has built a catalog of 29 active titles, five of which have earned awards including the Electronically Published Internet Connection's 2004 EPPIE Award for Best Anthology, 2004 EPPIE Award for Best Children's Book, 2008 EPPIE Award for Best Children's Book, as well as the Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc.'s (OWFI) Best Juvenile Book of 2002 and OWFI's Best Book of Fiction 2008.

Dragonfly Publishing was particularly interested in using CreateSpace after learning about the unique marketing opportunities that it presented.

"CreateSpace offered a variety of distinctive services that made our decision simple," said Terri Branson of Dragonfly Publishing Inc. "Its competitive retail pricing structure through the Pro Plan program and the opportunity to sell our titles to a worldwide audience on Amazon.com were two key factors in our decision to engage with CreateSpace."

CreateSpace, a leader in self-publishing and POD services, provided a print-on-demand platform which fit perfectly with the Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. publishing model. With CreateSpace, Dragonfly Publishing could avoid the costs and risks of creating and storing inventory because books are not manufactured until a customer's order is placed.

The Pro Plan program and prompt commission direct deposit option also instantly attracted Dragonfly Publishing to CreateSpace. With Pro Plan Pricing, publishing companies have access to lower book printing prices and increased royalties on Amazon.com, as well as other channels via the CreateSpace Books on Demand service.

"All of our titles are enrolled in the Pro Plan Pricing, which allows our authors to earn higher commissions and enables Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. to set the most competitive retail prices," said Branson.

CreateSpace also offers unique advantages for publishers like Dragonfly Publishing. For example, the organization was able to utilize CreateSpace's private discount code option, which allows authors to order their books online at a discount without the assistance of their publisher. Additionally, publishers can use their own ISBNs and imprint names on the CreateSpace platform.

"The bottom line is that CreateSpace offers a simple and fast setup process for publishers," said Branson. "It also ensures that we don't spend an extreme amount of time loading or reformatting files, thus making it a streamlined process for our authors and ensuring that they can quickly begin profiting from their books on a global scale."

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