Night For Nixie
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Night For Nixie

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Night For Nixie

"What do you get when you cross a goat with a spider?"
-Dan Rather talking about genetic research on 60 Minutes

Something evil has escaped from Sanmento
Genetics Research Laboratories. Soon after,
a series of bizarre events plague a small
coastal town culminating in the disappearance
of a well known political science professor.

Private detective Lee Bowers is assigned to
investigate the case which leads him on a
weird trail of mutants, sinister government
plots and a large spider with an unsavory
appetite for human souls.

As the sun sets on this unsuspecting town,
soon it will be Night For Nixie.

This film is not rated. It contains nudity, violence,harsh language and adult situations.

Includes bonus short film "Mutilation Maniacs!"
a classic 80's horror-comedy.

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"A sharp, paranoid political sci-fi thriller."
What's Up Magazine

"...delightfully twisted horror comedy!"
Every Other Weekly

"Neat Indie Movie...Well directed and well shot...
you won't be dissappointed."
SV Bell's Cult Movies

"...a black comedy vision of the apocalypse."
Bellingham Herald

Roy Jackson Jr., King Jeff, Frank Tabbita, Lee Becker

Title #204836
Format: DVD-R
Night For Nixie
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