The Wicked Witch Project: Special Edition DVD

The Wicked Witch Project: Special Edition DVD

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The Wicked Witch Project: Special Edition DVD

Aspiring filmmaker Dorothy Gale arrives in a strange new place after a cyclone hits her beloved Kansas. Enchanted with her new surroundings, she ventures into the nearby woods with her companions to make a documentary about The Wicked Witch of the West, a popular urban legend. She and her friends are never seen again, though their footage inexplicably turns up in a local video store one year later.

This award-winning short film has been completely overhauled for DVD release. Special features include: two versions of the film (the original 1999 edition and the new 2004 director's cut, both digitally remastered); two audio commentary tracks; a brand-new "making of" documentary; three deleted scenes; TV and radio interviews with the producer and director; previously unseen Super 8mm footage of the production; and the complete award-winning website (as DVD-ROM content).

The Wicked Witch Project received positive reviews and coverage in numerous publications, including Sci-Fi Magazine, The Durham Herald, The Arizona Reporter, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Journal, and several others.

Casey Porn, Brian Ludviksen, Kevin Darbro, Michael Smith

Numerous awards from various web-based 'zines for Best Short Film and Best Website.

Film Festivals:
Screened at the 1999 Exoticon Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Festival in New Orleans. Screened at the 2000 North Carolina Film Festival.

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