Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied

Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied

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Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied

"Survival" takes on a new connotation when you witness
"reality" by following a small group into the
wilderness under strictly primitive conditions.

In Part 1 you will witness how to create a life
from only what nature has to offer.
Observe as they make fire (in wet conditions), a
water proof shelter, baskets, bow & arrow, traps,
pottery. string, axes, knives - and more ...
All from what nature has to offer!

Part 2 of this DVD illustrates how primitive living with
all of your gear, even tho "Primitive" and primitive made, is
nothing more than a camping trip.
Venture out with John & Geri McPherson as they lead groups
into the Flint Hills of Kansas - teaching and presenting.

The information presented here is some of the same that the McPhersons teach to the U.S. Army Special Forces S.E.R.E. school survival instructors.

John McPherson, Geri McPherson, Bill Lansdown, Austin Jones

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Primitive Wilderness Skills, Applied
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