Dream Parlor
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Dream Parlor

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Dream Parlor

"Welcome to the DREAM PARLOR."

"You are now entering a world of pure imagination, a realm of lucid dreams. Journey to the summit of your greatest hopes. Explore your most primitive desires. At the Parlor, you can be everything you want. Go anywhere. Do anything. No questions asked."

All it costs is your soul.

Years ago, the burgeoning one-world government announced its intention to implant Identification Chips, IDCs, into the right hand of every man, woman, and child on the planet. Fearing this threat to personal freedoms, the People fought back ...

The People Lost ...

Two decades later, Citizen 11811, Elijah Barrett, a man torn between destiny and assimilation, rises to challenge the System. He uses his rank and position to sabotage public executions and to feed and shelter the less-fortunate Non-Citizens. When a close friend disappears, Eli's search leads him to the Dream Parlor, a Citizen-exclusive facility, developed by Doctor James Corbit, which induces lucid dreams.

Venturing into the darkened corners of his soul, Eli is enticed by the love of a beautiful woman ... and haunted by the image of a mysterious man. But as government violence grows in intensity, Eli is caught tampering with classified documents and tagged as a fugitive.

Now, Eli must learn the dark secrets behind the Dream Parlor in order to save countless lives ... even if it risks his own.

"The script is good ... dialogue was good ... acting was [good] ... I know a good story when I see one ... a great picture among Independent Sci-Fi." - Horror Bob, HorrorReviews.com

"[Impressive] characters ... [will] appeal to a much wider audience than the usual science-fiction crowd." - Lesley Meade, Booknet, reviewing novelization of "Dream Parlor"

Christopher Andrews, Alison Storry, Harold Cannon

Best Film and Best Director: Huntington Beach "Films Up" Festival

Best Feature-Film, Runner-Up: Lake Arrowhead Film Festival

Film Festivals:
Huntington Beach "Films Up" Festival, Lake Arrowhead Film Festival, Southern California Film Festival, Temecula Film Festival, Long Island Film Festival, Selected for the Hollywood Film Festival

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Format: DVD-R