John of God - Visiting João de Deus at Casa de Dom Inácio (PAL-EU/AUST version)
Produced by Mark Thomas and Megan Mathews for Vision Thang
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John of God - Visiting João de Deus at Casa de Dom Inácio (PAL-EU/AUST version)

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John of God - Visiting João de Deus at Casa de Dom Inácio (PAL-EU/AUST version)

João de Deus or John of God is the name given to the man João Teixeira de Faria by the people of Brazil.

Wednesdays to Fridays, in two sessions a day, the Casa de Dom Inácio in Abadiania, Goias, Brazil is open to anyone who comes seeking healing. They come in their thousands. No-one is turned away. Consultations, most treatments and the daily soup are all free of charge. João doesn't claim to be a healer - in fact he doesn't even remember what happens. God, he says, is the healer.

In six separate sessions a week, attended by many hundreds per session, the entities of the Casa, some manifesting one at a time through João, and many others performing their work directly, are reported by many, many people to perform extraordinary and sometimes extended acts of healing.

People report powerful outcomes that can be measured (X-Rays before and after, for example) on the physical level. The lame, it is said, walk. At the Casa there is a room full of discarded wheelchairs, walking aids and crutches.

People also report profound emotional healing over time, and deep, extended, visionary spiritual experiences whilst at the Casa and even on returning home. People who had operations at the Casa report that the entities return time after time on their return to their homes in order to continue and complete the work.

Most people experience a combination of an "invisible" or spiritual operation, a course or two of herbs, meditation in the current room during sessions, perhaps a session or two on the crystal light bed as their healing regime. Those taking herbs, which can last for months, are forbidden alcohol and certain foods.

This video shows what it is like to visit the Casa de Dom Inácio and contains graphic close-ups of physical operations which may shock some viewers. It does not attempt to convince, it does not offer dramatic before and after testimonials. It does not preach. It takes you to this place to see João de Deus.

"What an exquisite film!... a beautiful and creative spiritual eye. It is extraordinary, we love it - thank you for doing such amazing work on João!" - C.C. - USA

"I have just returned from a 2 week visit and had 2 visibles. I'm still trying to come to terms with all my wonderful experiences. Many thanks for the wonderful video, it will help enormously as I am trying to explain my experiences to those that want to know." - S.W - UK

...I wholeheartedly recommend this video to anyone who wants to know more about John of God, and particularly anyone who is contemplating a trip to the Casa in Brazil. Jaime Blanco, reviewed in Shaman's Drum, Number 63, 2002

...filmed on location and you basically get to see what goes on, what you can expect if you turn up, and get a real "feel" for the place. There are some pretty good close-ups of João's surgical work, too! Overall, I really enjoyed the video.
Duncan Roads, reviewed in Nexus, June-July 2002

Televised Broadcasts:
Footage from this film was recently used by ABC Televsion (March 2005) in their Primetime Live special on John of God

Duncan Roads, reviewed in Nexus, June-July 2002

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John of God - Visiting João de Deus at Casa de Dom Inácio (PAL-EU/AUST version)
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