Liberation of Mauthausen Concentration Camp
Produced by Victor Campbell
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Liberation of Mauthausen Concentration Camp

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Liberation of Mauthausen Concentration Camp

A documentary interview with a veteran of the US Eleventh Armored Division that liberated the victims of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp in 1945. R.S. Buch tells the story with photos taken at the time. Bonus Footage after the interview includes actual film footage taken by Sgt. Buch on a home movie camera. In 2004, Buch is now well over 80 years old and his voice is no longer pristine, but his descriptions are accurate. Only recently, a Korean War veteran and hero, Tibor Rubin, was recognized with a belated presentation of The Medal of Honor. Mr. Rubin was one of the Jews liberated by the 11th AD at Mauthausen! Please note that this film has content that may be intense for some people. The collection of bodies and subsequent burial in photo and film footage can be disturbing. The images and the story of the Holocaust of the Jewish People is not a pretty one, yet it is one that must be remembered.

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