The Brain in A Box Genius
Produced by Victor Campbell
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The Brain in A Box Genius

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The Brain in A Box Genius

Don Albert - A Homeless man by choice, offers his unique outlook on science, philosophy, religion and the weather to any and all who will take the time to listen. Some of his tremendous brain power is preserved on video for study and enjoyment. He's enlightening & funny as well.
A RECENT OBSERVATION FROM DON: Einstein was not a fraud. He was an honest man. He stated that the THEORY of RELATIVITY was flawed, but could not disprove it. He felt his UNIFIED FIELD THEORY was leading to to the truth, but in his lifetime, he was unable to prove it.
Don notes that as for himself he is not working with theory, but only the FACTS. Albert is one of the most unusual people you will ever meet. He is dedicated to absolute avoidance of bureaucratic thought or processes. He is so dedicated to this eccentricity that he avoids all manner of living that would entrap his personal style. In effect, Don Albert is a highly intelligent individual committed to the life of a drifter. You can verify many of his stories of travel by simply taking a look at his passport. Israel, Mexico, and China are plastered all over his official papers. Right there in the front of the passport is his picture, Gray-white beard and piercing eyes that assimilate everything they survey. Learn more about him at the website. Check him out at Look for Volume I to be available soon.

Bonus features within the wonderful package of philosphy by Don Albert are: A cooking segment with the recipe for oyster stew that will make you swallow your tongue, and a special feature on Bud's Buffalo Cream - "Great for hard working hands". Running time is 60 minutes. There is more to learn at his website: .

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Don Albert

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