God Help Me

God Help Me

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God Help Me

A man's friends try to convince the girl of his dreams that God has chosen them to be together.

Trudy (Shelley Findley) is the girl of Ryan's (Tom Miner) dreams. Only catch is Trudy is waiting for God to reveal Mr. Right to her and Ryan is not exactly what she had in mind. When Ryan and his buddies discover this they devise a plan behind Ryan's back to convince Trudy that God has chosen her to be with Ryan. With less than brilliant ideas each plan backfires and each scheme gets more ridiculous in this gut busting comedy as his friends Jack (George Moss), Lon (Jim Anderson), and Bridgett (Candace Orrino) dig themselves deeper and deeper into trouble as they try to rationalize and justify each hair brain scheme to convince Trudy that she is meant to be with Ryan.

What happens when you play God with someone's life? Find out as you watch this off the wall comedy about dating and relationships. Enjoy performances by Christian hip hop artist George Moss and several talented newcomers.

I got the DVD today and I really liked it. I was laughing with my parents a lot. The actors really made the movie. It was awesome dude...It was really just all in all fun to watch.
-Josh Traux

Dove Foundation Review:
This is a delightfully funny story. Friends sometimes have the best intentions but they don't always do the best things to help. Ryan and Trudy have those kind of friends that just want to help them get together. It is best sometimes to just let things happen the way God wants them to and understand that this may not necessarily be the way we want them to happen.

God Help Me is an awesome movie. You need to watch this DVD if you want to experience a very refreshing time of laughter and learning.Why is this a refreshing movie? Simple! There isn't any foul language, sex scenes, or violence. In addition to the lack of immorality, the movie contained a great comedy/satire plot. God Help Me will keep you laughing as it teaches a very important lesson in life. I highly recommend it to everyone, well, everyone who has a sense of humor!
Tracy Finney
Author of "God Will Make a Way"

In all honesty, I am sometimes skeptical when it comes to Christian media products, particularly Christian films. And so I was pleasantly surprised with the quality acting and zany humor of "God Help Me". Dan Olds and his production team have done a superb job of creating a genuinely fun film that will have a special appeal for Christians of all ages, but that should delight mainstream viewers as well.
Peter Churness
CEO of Rebel Planet Creations

Tom Miner, George Moss, Jim Anderson, Candace Orrino, Shelley Findley

Creation Arts Festival - Best Film for under 25k

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Creation Arts Festival,
WYSIWYG Film Festival,
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