An Aikido Seminar with Terry Dobson
A Keigan Production
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An Aikido Seminar with Terry Dobson

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An Aikido Seminar with Terry Dobson

This DVD presents the quintessential Terry Dobson: his stories, his passion, his insights into Aikido, his heart and his humor.

It was edited from a student 1990 VHS video of a seminar held in San Francisco. The video is color corrected, making for a much better viewing experience than was on the original tape. As a supplement to the DVD. A free transcription of the seminar may obtained by contacting us at

For all those who knew Terry Dobson, for all those who wish they had trained with this remarkable man, and for all those who want to understand more about the depth of Aikido - this DVD is for you.

Special Features: scene selections, weblinks, a biography, a tribute by Robert Bly, and more.

"We love love love it. It's a gift to have him live, alive, in a way we haven't had; thank you." Marion Dobson DeForest

"I really enjoyed the DVD." James Friedman, Suginami Aikido Dojo

"YES! It's wonderful. It's a real joy to have this image of him." Riki Moss

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Format: DVD-R