Prepare to Fly - Fear of Flying Video
Produced by Stacey Chance
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Prepare to Fly - Fear of Flying Video

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Prepare to Fly - Fear of Flying Video

Flying affects everyone differently. Statistics show that the fear of flying is rather common. And, even though many people enjoy flying, nearly everyone has felt a little nervous at some time. Those who suffer can experience sleeplessness, anxiety, and panic attacks. Fearful flyers may miss out on vacations and business opportunities. Friends and family often don't understand or aren't supportive of those who are affected.

It is reasonable to feel trapped, out of control, or to be startled by that unexpected patch of turbulence, or that strange sound or feeling after take off. If you don't have the facts to explain what is happening, your imagination will naturally take over.

A strong fear of flying can be caused by a disturbing event in flight (turbulence?). If, during this event, you believed you were truly in danger of losing your life, you can develop a lasting anxiety.

Many people become more nervous about flying with age or after having children. We become more aware of just how fragile and dear life is. Also, people who are nervous flyers tend to have a strong imagination or a need to feel in control.

Prepare to Fly is ideal for the first time flyer, the extremely nervous flyer, or the experienced traveler who wants to learn exactly what goes on behind the scenes. With help from industry experts you'll safely experience all the sights and sounds of jet travel and learn coping skills to get you through your next flight. For those who have trouble even thinking about flying, Prepare to Fly gently guides you through every aspect of flight.

Includes video taped interviews with:
4 Airline Pilots
1 Retired Captain
5 Flight Attendants
2 Airline Mechanics
2 Airline Dispatchers
1 Air Traffic Controller
2 Physicians
2 Therapists
4 Nervous Flyers
2 Frequent Flyers

The DVD is divided into ten chapters allowing repeated viewing of topics of interest-

Chapter 1. Emotional Effects of Flying
Chapter 2. Physical Effects of Flying
Chapter 3 Aviation Professionals
Chapter 4 The Plane
Chapter 5 The Basics of Flight
Chapter 6 Weather
Chapter 7 Turbulence
Chapter 8 Safety & Security
Chapter 9 Planning Your Flight
Chapter 10 Complete Flight

Now you can be the most relaxed and knowledgeable passenger on the plane. Discover how to feel better about flying.

Prepare to Fly is brought to you by an airline captain and creator of the online Fear of Flying Help Course ( and book Wings of Discovery (

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Prepare to Fly - Fear of Flying Video
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